What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen. There are simply no rules on both local and highways.
It takes a few seconds for a horror scenario to occur, and regardless of the driver’s experience, in such situations it is a little difficult to maintain composure and composure. This is exactly why there are a few things to keep in mind, things that can be extremely important if you ever find yourself in a car accident.

1. Don’t panic!

If you are first on the scene, there is one thing to keep in mind: at that moment you are the most important active element in the whole situation. That is why it is important to remain calm, because if panic, fear or hysteria overcome, you will not be able to act the right way or make the right decisions. In that case, your presence may be counterproductive.

2. Assess the situation

Please note that the vehicles coming in may not even know that an accident has occurred. Be prepared to let other road users know that they need to slow down. If you are in a car, place the triangle a safe distance.

Assessing the situation is extremely important: how many vehicles were involved in the crash, whether there were any casualties or serious injuries. If the motorcycle was involved in an accident, keep in mind that the driver may have had a companion who, as a result of the accident, escaped from the seat and is not in your field of vision.

Believe me, a proper assessment of the situation and condition of the injured can be crucial so that no human life is lost in the whole situation.

3. Check for any fuel leakage

In the event that a motorcycle was involved in an accident, there is a high likelihood of a fuel leak, which is a big risk factor. Despite the situation, the electrical wiring of the vehicle can be correct and then only one spark can be fatal.

Notice the fuel leak, as well as any other liquids, and remove the ignition key (if you can reach it). Shutting down the electronic system eliminates 99% of the risk of fire or explosion. At the same time, care should be taken to ensure that there is smoke, as it is an indicator that there has already been a fire.

4. Check for injuries

Regardless of the number of vehicles involved in an accident, human life is most valuable, so after making sure there is no fire hazard, it’s time to address the injured.

The most important thing is to determine if everyone is alive. Check the injured person’s pulse. It is the easiest and most convenient to do by measuring on the wrist. It is also helpful to carefully check that the injured person is having trouble breathing.

Talk to the injured person to make sure they respond to sound stimuli. If an injured person is unconscious, you may think that he or she has suffered serious injuries. In that case, unless you have medical education, it is best not to move them until an ambulance arrives.

5. Don’t move the injured

As we emphasized in the last paragraph, if you suspect a more serious injury, it is best not to move the injured person, as you may aggravate their condition.

If the injured person is a motorcycle rider, it is best not to remove the helmet. Some force must be applied to remove it, and if there is a serious injury, e.g. spine, taking off your helmet can make things worse.

At the same time, since most drivers wear leather or textile suits, the lack of blood or visible wounds does not mean that there is no injury.

6. Get help!

If you are alone, do not hesitate to seek help. You might come across someone with a medical background who would be very helpful in the situation itself.

To the people who come to your aid, pay attention to the same things we have gone through before. Also, do not touch anything at the scene of the accident, as this may be important evidence in a later investigation.

After a quick assessment of the situation, call one of the emergency services, explain the situation in detail, and wait for them at the scene of the accident.

Remember, the most important thing is to be cautious, because only in this way will you best be able to help the injured and ease their situation until an ambulance arrives. Any little thing can make a difference.

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