Got Motorcycle Riding Back Pain? The Ridbiker Belt Helps!

On a motorcycle, disc compression, exposure to unusual vibrations and shocks are the daily lot of your spine.

All the positions adopted on a motorcycle have an impact on the spine, this articulated stack of 24 vertebrae, the real keystone of your body.
Pain and trauma occur on a motorcycle when the spine is not “working” in an adequate position.

Thousands of compression-decompression cycles of the intervertebral discs and the structures that support them can cause damage and damage to your intervertebral discs .

Multiple bumps in the road can also cause inflammation of the tendons and ligaments, contracture of muscles connected to the spine, or even sciatica (nerve compressed by a damaged intervertebral disc).

It is essential to adopt a good posture and protect your back from vibrations in order to avoid herniated discs and other unnecessary suffering (inflammation of a tendon, muscle contracture, sciatica etc …).

On a motorbike, the more the back retains its natural position (the one adopted during walking), the less it directly takes the jolts from the road. Conversely, the more the biker is tilted his head forward, and without being able to mobilize his legs, the greater the pressure exerted on the lumbar discs.

Recall that if the pressure exerted on a vertebral disc in a prolonged standing position is 100, this disc pressure increases to 140 when you pass in a seated position, head aligned vertically with the bust. If you then sit in your seat but tilt your head forward, you will further increase the pressure on the inter-vertebral discs, real shock absorbers of the spine. This pressure between 150 and 185 is bearable on the short term but will become painful and painful in the long term.

To this postural effect, it will be necessary to add the effect of the vibrations transmitted by the road. By combining the problem of posture and the problem of vibrations, we understand why bikers are so often prone to back pain.

In summary, remember that if in the long term, all bikers are exposed to back pain, the intensity of this back pain will vary from one motorcycle to another depending on the quadrilateral: back, handlebars, footrest, saddle.

Why is the RIDBIKER belt so effective against back pain on a motorcycle?

The action mechanisms used in motorcycles to explain the effectiveness of the belt are as follows:

  • This RB30 macro molecular material is an intelligent molecular structure,it can keep soft and slack under normal circumstances.RIDBIKER back support can massage vertebra gently,relieve fatigue,make your vertebra feel comfortable.
  • When RB30 impact by a sudden external force, the intelligent molecular interconnected to protect you avoid injured,When external force disappear,the intelligent molecular disappear at the same time, the external force can dissipates naturally,return to normal.
  • Full range of movement while providing comfortable support,stabilizes your entire waist, relieve muscle stress and low back pain.
  • Soft sandwich air mesh which breathable,hygroscopic and perspiration,8 stays,moisture absorption perspiration fabric towelling bandage,no lint magic tape.
  • Suited for people of all ages,you can use it on your daily life:running,ball game,driving,cycling,motorcycle race,skill…

Back pain according to the types of motorcycles

Most comfortable are GT models

The driving position adopted on a trail or a GT is that which makes it possible to spare as well its framework and its back muscles.
The position of the footrests allows you to keep a permanent and regular support on the legs, especially the thighs (quadriceps).
In addition, the windshield present on almost all models guarantees low demand on the cervical vertebrae.

Roadster type motorcycle models will put more strain on the neck

The driving position imposed by a roadster is, with that on the handlebars of trails and GTs, one of the most relaxing for the back because the support on the legs is easy. The handlebar, which is generally flatter and placed forward, can however impose certain additional constraints on the muscles and dorsal vertebrae. In addition, the absence of a windshield or bubble accentuates the stresses on the cervical area.

Custom motorcycle models will put a lot of strain on the lower back

On a custom, the back is almost never protected from shaking since no support on the legs is possible. Medically, the imposed position is therefore an ineptitude, which is also the source of many low back pain (lumbar areas, sacrum and coccyx) and sciatica (nerve compressed by a damaged intervertebral disc). Only the cervical area is spared, especially since the speed is limited by the lack of protection.

Sport type motorcycle models

The driving position on a sportswoman causes premature fatigue in the cervical area (head tilted behind the shoulders), while the most radical handlebars (“bracelets” type) can force the driver to excessively arch the spine ( dorsal and lumbar areas). This position also places excessive strain on the back muscles located under the shoulders. On the other hand, the almost exclusive support on the legs preserves the lumbar area from shaking.

How to relieve and prevent your back pain on a motorcycle?

Two ways to relieve and prevent your back pain:

Limit the increase in disc pressure: the ideal would be to find a suitable posture, but it is the bike that dictates your position. Therefore, try to maintain the vertical stretch of your column . To achieve this, one possibility is to stop very regularly to do vertical stretches and other lumbar exercises.

Another possibility is to use a device that will stretch your lumbar spine vertically to maintain the space between the lumbar vertebrae regardless of the increase in pressure caused by the position on a motorcycle. Such a device will somehow absorb disc pressure without damaging the discs or restricting the pleasure of driving.

In parallel, to protect your back against the effects of vibration, it is usually necessary to use a combination of means:

Reduce vibrations:

At the source by regularly checking the quality of the suspensions and shock absorbers of your motorcycle;
By reducing the transmission of vibration s between the motorcycle and your back, for example by inserting vibration absorption devices; A pneumatic device, ie inflatable at the level of the lumbar spine will be particularly relevant.


In conclusion, bikers are particularly exposed to back pain and thankfully effective solutions for prevention or curative exist.

For a limited budget, a RIDBIKER belt can seriously protect your lumbar discs and limit the effect of vibration on your back , or even simply prevent you from becoming blocked after a motorcycle ride or having to undergo an operation and give up your passion… It is therefore useful to consider equipping yourself!

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