Top 3 Motorcycle Gloves For Different Weather + Glove Care Tips!

Making the right choice on your motorcycle gloves is not easy as the market is full of countless models.

How to know which size should I choose? Which material would be the most comfortable? Which protection system should be favored? And what budget do you need to plan your purchase?

Find the answer to all your questions thanks to our special motorcycle gloves buying guide and choose the best model that will suit you best thanks to our comparison (with links to Amazon).

What is the best pair of motorcycle gloves?

The best value for money: black motorcycle gloves (XL) – Indie Ridge

This pair of gloves will delight anyone looking for a model with the best value for money. An approved accessory combining design, safety and comfort. It is indeed equipped with a rigid protective structure. In addition, the thumb and forefinger have a tactile treatment to use his smartphone without removing the glove.

The best cheap gloves: motorcycle gloves mid-season (XL) – Superbike

This is the perfect model if you are looking for cheap summer motorcycle gloves. Compliant with the new standards, this high quality equipment ensures comfort and safety. It has a rigid protective shell over the hand, vents to the knuckles, and an anti-slipping on the palm of hand for optimal control.

The best high-end model: retro motorcycle gloves – INBIKE

Here is a pair of high end motorcycle gloves that is characterized by its retro design, robustness and comfort. A soft, odorless genuine leather accessory with tiny ventilation holes on the back of the hand. The palm is treated with a double-layer fabric offering better grip and the back of the finger is equipped with a protective device.

We offer you our comparison of the 5 best models of motorcycle gloves available on the market.

How to choose motorcycle gloves?

Depending on its size

To find the right pair of motorcycle gloves, you must first choose according to its size. This type of equipment must be perfectly adapted to your hands so that it can guarantee you optimal protection and comfort.

If it is too tight, it will not promote good blood circulation. A little too wide, it can slip easily. Because of this, you must find the right size, taking into account your hands. Manufacturers often offer each of their model under several sizes. All you have to do is choose between size S, M, L, XL and XXL. However, if you have doubts, it would be best to try the gloves.

According to its materials

Motorcycle gloves for men or women can be made of various types of materials. This is an important feature that determines not only the comfort of use, but also the design and durability of the equipment. The leather models are probably among the best, because it is an aesthetic material, flexible, soft and resistant.

It is usually accompanied by other components for good adhesion and maximum protection. The palm is often treated with a double layer fabric and the top of the hand is reinforced with carbon fiber. Fabric accessories have the advantage of being cheaper, but little protection against the cold. There are also synthetic gloves like Goretex that provide good protection against the cold.

According to its breakdown

A good pair of gloves must provide us with optimal comfort in summer as well as in winters. This is the reason why we must consider its breakdown. The latter is chosen according to the season in which you ride. In summer, we advise you to use gloves with ventilation holes with knuckles on the back of hand or those designed with fabric promoting air circulation.

This will not allow you to sweat and keep better control of the handlebars of your bike. On the other hand, winter motorcycle gloves must keep your hands warm. These do not have ventilation or little, but rather padding so as not to let too much air. Be aware, however, that you can turn to mid-season models with both padding and ventilation. Adapted accessories as well in hot weather as in cool weather.

According to its protections and its design

As the primary function of a pair of gloves is safety, it is essential that it provides good protection against possible shocks. You must check that certain parts of the equipment, especially the top of the hand and the back of the finger are equipped with a case or a rigid shell. This is the case for all models that meet the European standard EN 13594.

This is to minimize the risk of fractures in the event of a fall. However, make sure that the device does not detract from comfort and that it does not prevent the good mobility of your fingers. Regarding the design of gloves, the choice is entirely yours as long as they match the rest of your equipment. There’s something for everyone, from retro gloves to futuristic models, from simple tones to flashy shades.

Why buy a pair of motorcycle gloves?

To ride safely

Many bikers still neglect wearing gloves today. It is not an accessory only for race professionals, because everyone is never safe from various projections on the road or a possible accident.

Motorcycle gloves are designed with protective devices on the parts of the most exposed hands. Moreover, equipping you with such an accessory will allow you to protect yourself from the cold in winter.

For a better driving experience

The other reason to wear a pair of quality gloves when riding a motorcycle is that it allows us to drive in the best conditions. Indeed, this type of accessory has a non-slip on the palm of hand ensuring good adhesion. Put on gloves is also to protect against the cold in winter. Driving the frozen hands is not at all pleasant and can even be dangerous, since you will not feel them anymore.

Which motorcycle gloves to choose?

These are the TOP 4 best selling motorcycle gloves of the moment based on multiple user and expert scores.

The different types of motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves for mid-season

Suitable for people who ride often, except in winter, the motorcycle gloves mid-season are equipment that can be worn in hot weather as in cold weather.

This mid-season model has padding, but provides good ventilation during use.

Summer motorcycle gloves

Summer motorcycle gloves are models intended for use in hot weather.

Being distinguished by good ventilation, these allow the hands to breathe better.

They are usually made of soft leather or lightweight fabric.

Winter motorcycle gloves

As their name suggests, winter motorcycle gloves are especially suitable in cold weather.

Equipment that will keep your hands warm even when it freezes outside thanks to their padding.

There are also heated motorcycle gloves with a battery that provides resistance.

Motorcycle gloves for circuit

These are specially made gloves for motorcycle racing enthusiasts.

Particularly flexible and robust accessories guaranteeing comfort and protection at all times.

These types of gloves are also characterized by a very efficient clamping system.

Quick Note: Wearing gloves is not only good for motorcycle racing fans. This is recommended for all riders who want good protection and handlebar control. All you have to do is find the pair of gloves that meets your needs and your budget.

What is the price of a pair of motorcycle gloves?

As with any purchase, the price will obviously have an impact on the choice of women’s and men’s motorbikes. Know that it can vary from 30 to 100 dollars depending on the glove material, brand etc.

In this price range you will be able to buy approved models. It is not necessary to systematically buy what is cheaper under penalty of acquiring gloves of poor quality. Also, we advise you to look for branded gloves, such as Indie Ridge, Inbike, GearX, Roleff etc.

How to soften leather motorcycle gloves?

Leather is a material that needs special care so that it stays flexible. Indeed, after being washed or wet by the rain, your gloves can become hard when drying. You can of course use specialized products, but it costs a bit. Do not worry! There are many simple techniques to relax them without spending a fortune. You can, for example, coat them with Vaseline before wiping off the excess. Oxtail oil is also effective and cheap.

How to wash motorcycle gloves?

First of all, we do not recommend putting your gloves in the machine, or cleaning them with solvents or household products, as this may damage them prematurely. If they are leather, a single stroke of cloth after each exit may be enough to remove dust and other residue.

Otherwise, wash them by hand using a neutral soap or a special cleaner depending on the material. Let it air dry out of the sun. The inside of your gloves may also feel a little dirty after a long period of use. Flip them over and clean the liner. Expose them in the open air until they are dry.

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