Motorcycle Gear Storage Ideas: How to Store Your Gear Properly

In terms of storage, are you rather methodical or disorderly? We thought that in any case, some tips to better store your motorcycle gear could be useful for you.

Tidying up your motorcycle equipment is first and foremost a matter of common sense. You can imagine that stacking everything in a hurry on a chair is not the best solution. In fact, each piece of equipment has its ideal storage space. We focus on each one below!

Jacket and pants: On the hanger

The ideal: On its hanger, itself hung on a rack, zip not closed, in a room, at room temperature. The room should be properly ventilated and the gear not too close to a heat source (especially for leather, while textiles are less sensitive to heat).

Don’ts: Don’t lock it in a closet or a humid room, which will favor the development of mold, especially after the downpour. Hang it on a radiator to dry it (risk of deformation or damaging the leather), or leave it in the sun for a long time. Superimpose the jackets on a hanger.

If you are not at home: A chair backrest with not too marked edges and far from places of passage can do the trick. It will always be better than a parrot type coat rack or a coat hook, which concentrate the weight on a small area, at the risk of deforming the jacket or pants.

Helmet: Air

Ideal: In its dust cover, screen ajar to let air circulate, placed on a shelf slightly high to protect it from shocks, in a properly ventilated room, always at room temperature.

Don’ts: Place it on the ground, place it on its cap (risk of falling, scratching the varnish or even weakening the cap in extreme cases), put your motorcycle gloves inside (in doing so, you soil its foam at high speed), store it dirty (screen covered with insects, which will be more difficult to clean afterwards), put it on a retro or put it in balance on the saddle or tank of your motorcycle (risk fall).

If you are not at home: Place it on a desk, or on the seat of the chair mentioned above. On the motorcycle, place it on the tank resting against the handlebar bridges (several support points provide stability) or hang it with the chin strap on a rear view mirror.

Motorcycle gloves: Not in the helmet!

The ideal: Leave the gloves in a heated and ventilated room, hanging or placed on a shelf.

Don’ts: Place them on a radiator, because an excess of heat makes the cardboard leather and affects the breathability of the rain membranes. Lock them in a box or plastic bag, because the moisture left by your hands or the weather must be able to evaporate naturally. And as mentioned above, do not store them in your helmet.

If you are not at home: If nothing better, you can store them between the helmet carrying case and the helmet itself. Otherwise, find a place on the chair!

Motorcycle boots: Open then closed

The ideal: The feet sweat more than the rest of the body, leave the boots open for a few hours to speed up the drying and then close them so that they do not deform, especially in summer. Store slightly raised to keep them cool from the ground in a room that is not too cold and well ventilated.

Don’ts: Lock them in their box or in a cupboard on each return, put your socks inside (they obstruct the circulation of air), store them in a damp and cool room, expose them to too much heat.

If you are not at home: Do your best: under the famous chair or under a desk, in the corners of a room …

Tips to save your efforts

You have understood, excesses are to be avoided. Too much heat, too much freshness, too much humidity, no air circulation, so many less optimal conditions to keep your equipment in its best condition for a long time. At the very least, it will require more care: applying a cream to the leather to nourish it more regularly, cleaning the textile or the interior of the helmet which will get dirty faster, etc. These are actually tips to save yourself from more work later!

I hope these common sense suggestions will help you keep your equipment in top condition for a long time. If you have tips to share with other readers, especially, do not hesitate: the comments are there for that!

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