Top 6 Ways to Make Harley Davidson Exhaust Louder!

Are you a Harley enthusiast? Wish to make your beast recognizable to others on road with its loud uproar and amazing performance? Maybe, you would like to make the exhaust of the Harley Davidson loud enough to be heard by all as you parade across the roads on this beautiful masterpiece.

Thankfully, there are several ways to transform your average chopper into a customized, loud, roaring machine. With a simple additions or tricks, you can look forward to making a major impact on the bike.

Making the Most of Your Harley Davidson Exhaust

At most times, most of the Harley Davidson bikers or enthusiasts think that making the Harley pipes or exhausts louder would necessarily require them to spend a huge amount of money. However, it is not so!

One of the major aspects of overcoming the notion is to get an in-depth understanding of the wide number of options that are available to you. At the same time, you should maintain constant communication with the exhaust system so that you are precisely aware of how the various operational modes in the given system work.

Once you have got a deeper understanding of the same, you can look forward to making the Harley exhausts or pipes louder seamlessly.

In this post, we will help you unravel the available ways as well as tools that could help you to achieve the desired loudness level.

Ways to Make the Harley Davidson Exhaust Louder

Before you begin with understanding the specific ways to make the exhaust of your Harley louder, you should prepare some common tools to help you out in the process (links to recommended tools on Amazon):

  • Hole saw of one inch dimension
  • A screwdriver
  • Drill extension
  • Cutting oil
  • Allen Wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Power drill

Once you have all the essential tools at hand, here are some ways to achieve the desired results:

1. Re-tuning the Engine of Your Harley Motorbike

If you are doubtful of this solution, there is no need to be! You can consider retuning the engine of the Harley motorbike to its peak performance. This will help in making the Harley exhausts or pipes louder. In the end, you can achieve three major results

  • Firstly, it will make the Harley exhausts louder
  • It will add more power to the bike’s engine
  • It will enhance the overall performance of the bike

In addition to these benefits, you can also look forward to improving the overall functionality of the engine of the Harley bike.

While making the exhaust louder, it is not implied that you are creating a lot of noise or not abiding by the respective emission standards. Therefore, you should aim at ensuring that you are reducing the overall noise while following the emission standards as laid down by the government.

For achieving the same, you can reorganize the bike’s engine to meet the standard out-of-factory specifications. Before doing the same, it is imperative to ensure that the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the engine remains fired up for the given purpose.

The ECU should aim at enhancing the intake of fuel as well as air into the engine’s motor. You can help with the given process of the bike with the utilization of a computer-guided control unit. This could help in altering the fuel-air flow into the engine.

2. Drilling Out the Baffles

When you wish to increase the overall airflow across the exhaust or pipes of the bike, you can consider doing away with the baffles of the engine with the help of a power drill. At the same time, you can also consider making some holes within the exhaust system or the pipes in the bike. Once you have implemented either of the processes, you can be assured that the pipes or the exhaust system of the bike will become louder instantly.

You can even consider twisting and pulling out the long cylinder towards the middle of the bike’s muffler. You can make use of needle-nose pliers for checking the pipes for the presence of metal shavings. You should then remove the bike’s muffler and pump air into the same towards ensuring that there no metal shavings left back there.

When you are removing the baffles or creating holes within the exhaust system or the pipes, there happens to be a caveat. Over time, the overall performance of the Harley would gradually decrease. This implies that the process of the removal of baffles for increasing the overall sound capability of the bike is not going to enhance the overall performance of the bike’s engine.

3. Replacing the Baffles

When you wish to make the exhaust system or the pipes of your Harley Davidson bike louder, you can consider opting for an alternative method to installing new pipes or removing baffles in the first place.

Towards the end of the header pipes of your Harley Davidson, you would come across slip-on pashminas that are joined. The presence of the slip-on mufflers in the bike would make the exhaust system louder while improving the overall performance of the bike without getting rid of the entire exhaust system.

You can make use of the cutting oil to try coating the rear end of the muffler’s interior in the bike. The coating would help in preventing sparks or smoke as you would be removing the baffle of the muffler. At the same time, this coating would help in minimizing the debris to fly around or get into the bike’s headers.

Aftermarket Accessories to Make HD Exhaust Louder

When you wish to improve the overall sound quality of the exhaust system of your Harley, you can come across a wide number of custom motorbike parts that could help in making a significant impact.

The aftermarket customized range of motorbike parts that we will be discussing below are all within the range of $150 & $500. Moreover, the utilization of these parts would also not require a specialized degree or expert knowledge to achieve the desired results.

Take a glance at some of the simple modifications that could help in making a major difference to the overall sound as well as performance of the Harley.

4. Big Growler Exhausts

What is a Harley chopper that doesn’t rumble? The Big Growler Exhaust will make the heads turn on road even when the passer-bys are inside noise insulated cars. Moreover, the growling sound created will make them crave for the freedom of riding a big-time beast like Harley

The presence of the longer, straighter pipes in the given exhaust system helps in making the same “un-muffled.” This helps to amplify every hum & grind of the bike’s engine when cruising and accelerating.

5. Yost Power Tube

Another great way of obtaining ample power with customized motorbike parts for an affordable amount is with the help of the advanced Yost Power Tube. As combustion efficiency of the bike’s engine increases, more power is obtained subsequently.

As such, a Power Tube can be immensely helpful in achieving the same. The kit that you would bring home from Yost is known to come along with a spacer for delivering increased throttle and power.

The power tube is known to work with all the Harley Davidson series including G, E, B, S&S Harleys. It also turns out to be one of the customized parts that most of the newbie bike owners can look forward to installing in the bike by themselves.

6. After-market Carburetors

In most instances, after-market carburetors tend to be one of the best aftermarket products that most Harley owners like to modify on the respective bikes.

The primary job of a carburetor is to ensure the mixing of the right amount of gas with air for producing the torque needed to fuel the bike. The absence of ample air in the carburetor would make the engine lean.

At the same time, too much gas in the carburetor would make the engine flood. When more air flows through the carburetor, it implies that the engine is able to deliver more power to the bike. Check out after-market carburetors and see if one would improve your HD performance and sound.


Irrespective of how you aim at achieving the desired results, the need for regular servicing of your beloved Harley is vital to maintain the overall life of the engine.

At the same time, you should also ensure that the engine of the bike is optimally active by upgrading the respective exhaust systems, fuel, and air intake capabilities. Hopefully this will help you enhance the sound of your Harley Davidson and subsequently your overall riding experience.

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