How to Keep Motorcycle Visor From Fogging Up

Is fog getting up your helmet visor? Here are some tips that will certainly help you get rid of this unpleasant and dangerous effect.

Visor fogging can be a very unpleasant and, above all dangerous. It occurs when the warm air you exhale inside the helmet comes in contact with the cold surface of the visor, causing condensation or so-called fogging on the visor.

Fogging occurs mainly if you drive in slightly cooler weather, that is, when the temperature outside the helmet is lower than the temperature produced by breathing inside the helmet.

The visor tends to fog when it’s dirty because small particles on the surface of the visor favor droplet formation and condensation. So the first step is to keep your visor clean.

Keeping your visor clean, however, will not protect you from haze 100%, so we have three other practical solutions.

1. Apply shaving foam

As strange as this may sound, but shaving foam is an effective way to get rid of the misting inside your helmet for a while. Since most of us have shaving foam at home, it’s a quick and very cheap solution.

Apply a thin layer of shaving foam on the inside of the visor. Then take one clean cotton cloth (a thinner cloth is recommended to prevent damage to the visor) and rub the foam until it disappears and until the visor is perfectly transparent.

The shaving foam fills all the micro pores on the visor and thus makes the surface extremely smooth, which causes it to drip with water to trap on the visor and prevent condensation.

This type of protection will keep you safe from condensation for a maximum of 2 days so this is only a temporary protection measure.

2. Use nano spray instead

Today’s technology is making great strides, and at gas stations and auto cosmetic stores you can see sprays that say they prevent fogging. The principle of action of these sprays is the same as for rubbing shaving foam, but here, spraying the spray onto the surface of the visor creates a thin protective layer that lasts longer.

But keep in mind that neither spray will protect you for more than a few days. I’ve had good experience with Handlex Nano Spray from Amazon, lasting about 4 days with each application.

When buying these sprays, be sure to pay attention to the surface they are intended for, because in some cases they are not adapted for plastics and the protection effect may not be achieved or even the visor may be damaged. So read the declaration carefully before buying a nano spray or ask the seller for advice.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use foam or spray:

3. Pinlock

The best fog protection solution to protect you from visor fog long terim is a pinlock. Pinlock is an extra internal visor made of a kind of plastic coated with silicone that prevents condensation. Pinlock can be easily attached to the helmet by removing the visor from the helmet, then glueing the pinlock in place.

There is a different pinlock for each helmet or helmet manufacturer, and there is no universal pinlock that can be used for all helmets. Today you’ll sometimes receive a free one with your new helmet. Unless you have a pinlock, it can be purchased at almost any shop selling motorcycle helmets and accessories.

Pinlock is quite sensitive to maintenance and should not be wiped with rough cloths. Care must be taken to avoid damage, otherwise it will start to fog up just like a regular visor. Experiences say that pinlock, with proper upkeep, can protect you from fogging all season long and sometimes longer if you take good care of it.

Expert Tip: There is a solid collection of pinlocks available on Amazon. They’re often cheaper than in specialized shops.

4. Get a helmet with anti-fogging system or a no-fog visor

Some helmets have an in-built anti-fogging system. Then there are helmets with a no-fog visor with a chemically modified surface to prevent fogging. In both cases the results are not 100%. Some fogging still occurs. On some helmets more, on some less. But it’s still way better than the fogging on a basic plastic visor.

Final Word: How to Prevent Helmet Visor From Fogging Up

There are various ways to protect yourself from fogging the visor inside the helmet. We have opted for these three methods because they are the most commonly used and provide satisfactory results.

The best protection is pinlock because it is designed to provide long lasting protection. But if you feel that these do-it-yourself methods are too annoying, getting a helmet with anti-fogging system or no-fog visor is the best way to take care of the problem. Hope this helps!

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