How to Fix Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration & Mirror Vibration

So you’re experiencing vibrations on the mirror and/or handlebars of your motorcycle. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, since these are the most common places where vibration has a negative impact on riding experience. Here are the best methods for fixing these issues:

How To Fix Mirror Blur Caused By Vibration

Vibration can cause a blurred mirror vision which can cause an accident. Follow the steps below to prevent this:

  1. Purchase a set of motorcycle mirror vibration isolators. Motorcycle vibration isolators are designed as rubber plugs that feature a threaded rod section and a threaded hole on both ends.
  2. Use a 13 mm wrench to remove your motorcycle mirror.
  3. Then, the isolator should be threaded into the mirror hole.
  4. In this step, the mirror should be threaded into the isolator hole.
  5. The mirror should then be adjusted and tightened with a 13mm wrench according to your need.

Repair Thread: Another Motorcycle Mirror Vibration Fix

The thread mechanism by which the mirror is held in place could be damaged, so you will need to repair it. Some motorcycle models allow this piece to be exchanged; you have to get the exact size and spec in the store.

If the damage is small, some recommend gluing the motorcycle mirror or repairing the mirror via manual welding. But this should only be done if the mirror’s mechanism is not affected, which could cause it to move or vibrate more.

On the other hand, if what is failing, or has become chapped, is the screw, you can easily change it with a similar one that fits your motorcycle model.

After determining what you will replace, you have to have the rearview mirror removed, fix the part in question, and put the motorcycle mirror in its place again.

If the mirror’s repair is not feasible, it is best to buy another one to replace it.

How To Adjust Motorcycle Mirror If It Is Loose?

Another reason the mirror can vibrate is that it has come loose without affecting any other part. In this case, you have to tighten the mirror back in place in the correct position.

To achieve this type of loose mirror repair, we recommended that you sit on the motorcycle in the position in which you usually do to perform the mirror repair more comfortably and adjust it to the appropriate position.

Next, it is recommended that, for the rearview mirrors, and before tightening the motorcycle rearview mirror, you should ensure that you fully see the lane that should go on that side, since other cars and motorcycles can ride pass you from that side. You must ensure that you see the lane fully from the mirror.

Finally, make sure to tighten the adjusted part correctly without forcing it, but avoid it to become loose and, if you have had to repair the motorcycle mirror thread before, take care not to damage it.

How to Fix Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration

Motorcycle handle vibration can make your hands feel numb and riding an unpleasant experience. Below are some ways this can be fixed:

Reduce the Weight of Your Hands on the Handle

The weight on the hands often causes vibration; you feel more vibrations after 45 minutes. You can raise your handles with risers, do not “tighten” the handles too hard, relax, the pressure required on the handles is like holding an egg without crushing it.

Putting extra mass at the end of the handles is a good idea. One point, it doesn’t disperse the vibrations; it changes the resonant frequency. Let’s say that it vibrated a lot at 50 turns, and it will possibly move it more towards 55 turns.

To reduce vibrations, even more, it takes a monk’s job. The first thing to look at is the engine’s condition, spark plugs, valves, synchronization of throttle bodies, injectors, etc. The vibration at its source must be minimized.

Secondly, loosen and tighten using a torque wrench, the engine mounts. Changing your riding position will help; it’s one of the little things to fix your motorcycle handle vibration problem.

Cost-effective Ways to Fix Motorcycle Handle Vibration

Add Rubber Bushes At Bolting Points: This solution mostly depends on the types of handlebars you have. Adding rubber bushes at bolting points can help absorb the motorcycle handle vibration and provide a little relief for you. You need to get advice from your mechanic to know if your handle will need rubber bushes.

Try Soft Grips: Many users attribute reduced vibration to softer grips as the softer material better absorbs vibrations.

Adjust the Chasis and Suspension: You can get a professional to do this because it is quite risky for you to do it. A professional will know what needs to be done to reduce handle vibration.

Other Ways to Fix Handle Vibrations

Bar End Weights: Bar end weights help transfer the vibration to the ends of the handlebars. This vibration transfer ensures that you experience a lesser amount of vibration when riding.

Replace Your Handle Bars: Replacing your handlebar with bent upwards or downwards handlebars ensure that the amount of vibration you’ll feel is lessened.

Cover Clamp Exposed Areas with Rubber: This is pretty easy to do; you can purchase rubber and use it to cover clamp exposed areas. By doing this, you’re reducing vibration impact on your palm by about 60%.

Integrate Counter Balancers In Your Engine: Integrating counter balancers in your engine is another method which can reduce 90% of the vibration from the engine, but you’ll need your mechanic to get it done, unless you’re mechanically savvy yourself.

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