Essential Gear for a Motorcycle Trip

If you’re dealing with warm climate and are enthusiastic about your first motorcycle tour, it’s worth asking yourself – are there any deficiencies in your equipment? It is a good idea to take all possible measures to prepare for various troubles that may occur on land that you’re not familiar with while touring.

Here, in addition to basic equipment, we will collect useful tips recommended for touring beginners. So let’s check out the essentials!

Minimum equipment required for touring

The minimum equipment essential for touring includes the following:

  • helmet
  • gloves
  • waterproof gear (rain jacket and rain boots)
  • various clothes (riders jacket and underwear)
  • riding boots

About helmets and gloves

Touring can be disappointing if you choose the wrong helmet or glove.

In particular, it is recommended that you select a helmet that takes into consideration not only the design but also the temperature, weather, and climate of the touring destination.

In addition, some beginners on motorcycles hold the throttle without wearing a glove, but the glove prevents sweating and rain in increasing mistakes while using the throttle.

It plays a role in reducing fatigue as well. Even if you think about safety, it is indispensable to protect the palm and back of the hand that are most likely to be injured when falling.

I have a comprehensive buyer’s guide for motorcycle gloves for different climate conditions, so make sure to check it out before buying new gloves.

About waterproof jacket and boots

Also, some people may not care much about waterproof clothes, but it’s essential to be prepared for any conditions. Rain is the most common climate problem for motorcyclists so it’s wise to prepare yourself.

There are many riders who have experience of going over the fence to escape from rain clouds, especially at the turn of the season when the weather changes rapidly. With waterproof clothes you can drive calmly and safely. For information on waterproof motorcycle gear check out this article.

If you pursue safety

Protectors and neck braces are items that can enhance safety during touring . Protectors are sold in parts that are susceptible to damage when falling, including those worn on gloves, knees and elbows. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it is an encouraging item that you get used to without a protector.

Neck brace is an item mainly used to reduce damage to the neck and back of the head. It features a donut-like shape that is worn around the neck and designed to avoid fatal injury even if thrown out of the motorcycle.

If you are thrown off the bike at high speed, you can’t do anything on your own, but if you have a neck brace, you can greatly reduce the chance of a major accident.

There are cases where accidents will occur that cannot be avoided. In case of such an emergency, it is recommended to wear items that can enhance safety.

Recommended equipment useful for touring destinations

Get ready and reduce your touring anxiety

Look at the weather and climate of your touring destination from various angles. If you are not used to it, you may be disgusted with the amount of luggage you’re suddenly carrying.

To reduce any anxiety over carrying too many bags, choose mostly lightweight items and load them with various bags and other storage items that I’m about to share.

Recommended equipment useful for touring destinations

The more trips you take, the more you will gain momentum and figure out what you should and shouldn’t bring. But it’s wise to learn from your elders as well. Therefore, we learned from a long-time touring rider and compiled a set of useful items you might consider bringing along:

  • Cargo net – The cargo net is suitable for holding cargo, luggage, basket, helmet and so on. I’d say this is a very helpful item for any trip.
  • Various bags – Bring bags of various sizes depending on the amount of stuff you’re bringing along. This will of course depend on the length of your trip and climate.
  • Coin holder – useful for toll booths
  • Physical map
  • Navigation app
  • Extra mobile battery 

The last three items are a no-brainer.

Cargo nets and various bags (seat bags, side bags etc.) can be used not only to increase the loading capacity when the load increases, but also to prevent theft during parking. The net can be used with padlocks to avoid unloading even during a short break.

It is also convenient to have a coin holder when you pass through the toll booth. A coin holder is a coin storage case designed so that you can check and take out coins at a glance, and can store 100-yen coins and 500-yen coins separately in a plastic frame.


Please enjoy comfortable riding with full equipment. If the weather, climate, and land characteristics (road surface and road information, etc.) of the touring destination can be confirmed in advance, it will be easier to establish the necessary equipment, which will also prevent troubles. Get ready by getting the essential gear first and the pleasure of riding freely on the open road will easily follow.

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