6 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2023: U-Lock, Chain, Alarm..

Looking for ways to protect your bike from the bad guys? Along with parking in a nice and well-lit area, using a powerful lock can make a world of difference. Motorcycle locks can differ a lot based on the material, the type of locking mechanism and the part of the bike they can be attached to.

We’ve tested 25 motorcycle locks on our own motorcycles over the past three weeks. These are the best locks according to overall reviews by both security professionals and regular bike owners.

We then narrowed down to the best 6 locks based on price, security and practical application according to our own experience with testing them out. So I hope this list will help you find a great lock for your favorite two wheeler!

Kryptonite Hardened Steel Chain Lock

Let’s face it, no amount of fancy locks can replace a thick and powerful steel chain. This chain is a true kryptonite for any thief because it would take a heck load of sawing to break it.

The noise and the sheer amount of time such an attempt would require will make any thief run in the opposite direction and find a more vulnerable target immediately. Some standout features of this lock-and-chain are:

  • STRENGTH: 14mm thick six-sided chain links from hardened 3t manganese steel
  • NO-BULL LOCK: 15 mm high performance steel shackle and steel crossbar for extra security
  • ADDITIONAL PROTECTION: reinforced anti-drill, anti-pull protection system
  • DURABILITY: strong nylon cover and hook-n-loop fasteners
  • PRACTICALITY: 5′ (150 cm) chain length, 3 stainless steel keys, one of them is lighted and has a replaceable battery

Overall, this is a simple, beastly chain that will make your bike as safe as can be. The main potential downside is the price. It costs over $100 at the moment of writing, and there are many cheaper options out there (but obviously not as good). It can also be a bit heavy (10.80 lbs or 4.91 kg’s).

Overall, still our top choice for super-security.

YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm

If your bike doesn’t have an alarm system you’re missing out on two key security components: A timely warning AND a theft deterrent!

This is a very popular disc lock and alarm combo that goes through one of the wholes in the disc brake (front or back tire).

The battery-powered alarm is quite potent at 110 decibels, and it’s activated by a motion sensor with a 5 second delay. So if someone touches your bike, it will emit 3 long beeps which become louder until you turn it off.

The lock itself is made of sturdy and durable, weather and rust-resistant metal.

Overall, this small lock packs a punch! It’s small and light enough to carry around whenever you need to, plus it’s easy to install AND affordable (under $30 at the moment of writing).

ToolWRX Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

This is another versatile heavy duty lock that is small, light-weight and affordable. I say versatile because it can be used on virtually any vehicle with a brake/clutch lever such as a motorcycle, ATV, moped, dirtbike, 4 wheelers etc. It works on bikes with grips up to 1.5 inches in diameter (38 mm).

And I say light-weight not because it’s made of cheap and weak metal. It’s actually constructed from high quality CNC aluminum. This is a very tough and secure material, but it’s also pretty light, so the lock weighs only 1 lbs. Some things to point out:

  • USER FRIENDLY: Easy and fast to use, small and light enough to carry around
  • STRONG MATERIAL & UNIQUE KEYS: It would take A LOT of effort and noise to break this lock.
  • MAIN DOWNSIDE: It remains the case that a thief can unscrew the brake lever where it’s bolted to the handlebar. But also keep in mind that thieves are very opportunistic and this is unlikely to happen when there are so many bikes without any additional locking mechanism.

It’s also true that unless the motorcycle is chained to another object, it can be lifted off the ground into a truck or a van.

That’s unlikely to happen unless you have a really expensive and sought-after model. But it shows the power of a good chain like Kryponite in comparison to other locking mechanisms. Of course, using a combination of both will raise security to a higher level.

Tchipie 110db Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

This lock is very similar to YOHOOLYO (2nd choice on this list). It’s a disc brake lock with a 110 dB alarm. The reason it’s a few spots down in the pecking order is mainly because it costs a few bucks more but there aren’t any extra features to justify that price.

So why even include it on the list? Primarily because there are 4 different colors to choose from and it can fit on so many bikes. It fits the majority of the motorcycles and bikes with disc brakes, where the brake rotor is less than 7mm (1/4″) thick and cross drilled. That’s well.. most bikes.

So in case you can’t get the YOHOOLYO or you need more color options, this is a very similar lock to consider.

BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

I’m including this lock on the list even though it’s not to secure your motorcycle, but your helmet. Why? Because it’s made my life much more comfortable and anyone could benefit from this. Let me ask you:

Are you tired of carrying your helmet around all the time? Don’t have enough storage space on your bike? In that case, lock the helmet to your bike and you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

I prefer this lock to many others because it’s very smooth as it’s covered with a protective rubberized sleeve. This is to ensure that it won’t damage the helmet or the bike. This rubber sleeve also protects it from rust and other weather-related damages.

The locking mechanism is pretty straightforward, simply enter your unique PIN and you’re set. The steel cable is pretty long (1.82 m or 6 ft), so it’s got enough length to lock two helmets or even a helmet and some other gear as well, like a motorcycle jacket.

Naturally, this lock can also be used on a bicycle, moped and other related vehicles with the same purpose.

AKM Bike Chain U-Lock 

This is a pretty solid chain with a u-lock that is more than half the price of the Kryptonite chain, our #1 recommendation. We still recommend getting a chain so this is a solid, cheaper option.

It’s made of 24 hardened steel chains, of 10mm thickness and strong ABS material. That’s pretty good, though not as thick as Kryptonite which is 14 mm. It’s covered with a protective sleeve against rusting and other environmental factors.

There are 4 sizes to choose from if you get it through Amazon. Here are the choices:

AKM Heavy Duty Chain lock specification:
Inside the packing are: 16mm U lock +0.9m/1.2m/1.6m/2m chain+2 key
COLOR: Black
0.9M: 2.4kg / 5.3lb
1.2M: 3.1kg / 6.8lb
1.6M: 3.95kg / 8.7lb
2M: 4.55kg / 10lb
You have a variety of lengths to choose!
0.9M: 900x10mm / 3 FT
1.2M: 1200x10mm / 4 FT
1.6M: 1600x10mm / 5.25 FT
2M: 2000x10mm / 6.56 FT

Obvously, a larger chain can be easier to set up for security purposes when locking to another object, but for the sake of carrying convenience it’s not necesarily the case. So make sure to always take these factors into consideration before making a purchase.

Final Word: Best Motorcycle Locks

These are the top 6 motorcycle locks that will maximize your bike and gear safety. It’s a good idea to use two locking strategies:

First is a chain to secure the bike to another tough and immobile object. The other is a disc or a brake lever lock, especially one with a loud motion sensor alarm. This way you can prevent the bike from being either driven off or moved into a truck or a van.

Furthermore, with a loud alarm you and everyone within distance will be alarmed that something fishy is going on. Combining these three features is the best deterrent and protection against motorcycle theft that you can have. Hope this helps!


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