Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300 in 2023 (Tested Reviews!)

A motorcycle helmet can save your life, we all know that. But it can also make your rides a pleasure or a very bad if not outright dangerous experience. A sturdy helmet that also has cool features like anti-fogging visor and a nice Bluetooth connection will make your rides both safer and more fun while a bad helmet can be both boring, annoying, uncomfortable and only provide a false sense of safety.

Top quality helmets usually cost more than $100. But you can definitely find some awesome models at a $150-$300 dollar range and those are the helmets I’ve ordered, tested and reviewed in this article. All of these 10 helmets were taken for a spin (along with 10 more that didn’t make it on this list because they were either overpriced or simply didn’t provide the same quality). After carrying these ten helmets on my precious head, I’m confident in recommending them to my friends, clients and you fellow reader. So let’s check them out:

TORC T27B1 FWT RS M Rebel Star

This helmet features some unique characteristics. Years of research and development led to the creation of a helmet that has one of the best Bluetooth systems, including a long-lasting battery, clear and loud sounds. With a size and shape that can comfortably fit any user, without taking overly too much space, the T27B1 model by TORC is here to stay.

Significant advancements in the EPS technology of the helmet ensure that this product, although small and compact, offers the same protection as that of much heavier and bulkier ones. The shell and chin of the helmet are made of a high-quality thermoplastic alloy. A small issue with this helmet, however, is the fact that some type of wind noise appears at highway speeds.

Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet BM12 by FreedConn

Thanks to its quality structure that ensures protection of the rider, along with its highly-developed communication system, the new BM12 motorcycle helmet is a functional and most importantly affordable choice for new, as well as experienced riders. It is available in multiple sizes and colors and it facilitates communication between riders thanks to its great intercom.

Even at high speeds, riders will get a crystal clear transmission and they will be able to listen to their favorite music, use the GPS navigation system or the one-click button that’s intended to allow you to receive or reject incoming calls quickly. The only issue with this helmet is the fact that vision may fog up a bit at higher altitudes.

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Black Helmet (COV-0105)

Among the best motorbike helmets in terms of safety, the COV-0105 produced by Scorpio is specifically designed to disperse impact and minimize the overall weight of the helmet. Its unique LG polycarbonate shell and retractable sun-visor ensure safe riding under different light conditions. Ever clear coating has been applied on each side of the helmet to provide a fog-free ride.

An additional night clear visor is also, part of the product and ensures safe night-riding. A comfort sleeve allows riders to turn the initial helmet into a 3/4 open-face mask in case you wish to let the clear wind hit your face. However, some customers have complained that the amount of air that comes in through the face shield can be quite annoying sometimes.

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Motorcycle Helmet

With a lightweight polycarbonate shell that comes in a variety of sizes and an integrated face shield, the MX-9 model offers customers a series of great features, including an adjustable mount vent and a padded chin strap. The multidirectional protection system it consists of has considerably improved rotational impact displacement and its anti-scratch, anti-fog, and even UV protection enable users to ride their bikes with safety.

Both DOT and ECE certified and with a five-year warranty, the most impressive feature of this product is that it consists of a ventilation system that keeps air flowing, allowing clear air to move in and out. A small issue some customers have complained about concerning this product is the fact that its exterior color may fade away after some years of using it.

TORC T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Helmet

This particular model combines three unique features that distinguish it from similar products; it is comfortable, elegant and convenient. Its robust construction and superior functional properties, in association with their lightweight nature, make it the perfect helmet for riding long distances. The dual-density EPS of this product reinforces its impact absorption capacity and effectively protects you in case of an unfortunate mishap.

When compared to similar products of the same price, the TORC T14B helmet is more durable and robust. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about head or face injuries when you are wearing this helmet. A drawback of this product, however, is the fact that it is available in limited colors and first-time drivers may find it a bit complex at first, as well.

Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The unique characteristic of the Bell Mag-9 helmet is the fact that it is highly adjustable. It has 7 different face and visor shield possibilities and its removable and washable interior ensure maximum comfort. This particular model is also, made to easily connect with the Bell-specific Bluetooth headset and make communication a lot easier.

The helmet is equipped with two different dropdown shields, an inner one for sun protection and an exterior one that offers riders safety and protection. The only minor issue with this helmet is the fact that the sun visor could be a bit darker to ensure better coverage against the sunlight.

Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The new Bell Revolver Evo helmet is among the most stylish and modern-looking helmets you can find on the market, nowadays. Apart from its great style, however, this helmet is also, highly functional, as well. It pivots up easily, and the fact that it possesses a traditional soft strap allows users to tighten it securely to their face without much effort.

The built-in interior visor is glare-free and of high-quality. and although the helmet uses a thin polycarbonate shell, it is actually a heavy one that thankfully, doesn’t feel heavy on your head. Overall, this Bell Revolver model is an affordable and functional solution for every rider. The only drawback that comes along this helmet, is the fact that the front side of it sits close to your face, therefore if you are claustrophobic, you may not like it that much.

ScorpionEXO Helmet (EXO-AT950 Neocon)

The whole philosophy behind this helmet is based on the combination of all the great features of a touring helmet and the versatility of an off-road lid. The modular chin bar of this helmet allows you to ask for directions easily and the large eye port effectively blocks the sun and allows you to wear your own glasses when you ride down the various trails.

The helmet is specifically designed to keep you cool during the hot summer days and warm during the winter period, thanks to its KwikWick 2 antimicrobial interior liner. Despite the product’s quality anti-fog system, some users have complained that the formation of fog cannot be prevented in some cases.

Bell Recon Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Inspired by the helmets used in several army forces, the new Bell Recon Open-Face helmet may look minimal in size, but its durable structure and comfortable design will soon dissolve any doubts you may have. This helmet has an integrated speaker pocket and removable ear covers which can efficiently eliminate the direct wind noise.

The liner is particularly light, moisture-wicking and comfortable, This model has the extra benefit of possessing a built-in goggle strap hook, allowing users to wear their goggles when the feel like they need them. A small and relatively rare issue with this helmet is the fact that it can cause some itching if you wear it for a continuous and long period of time.

ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular Helmet (EXO-AT950 Solid)

This particular helmet can be used as a full-face helmet equipped with an exterior peak visor attached to it. Alternatively, you can remove this visor and turn it into an aerodynamic touring helmet. The huge benefit of this helmet compared to others is the fact that the eye-port is wide enough and that enables users to have a greater peripheral vision.

The no-fog clear face shield can easily get removed so that you use the helmet as a simple one for off-road use. The whole equipment is made of a high-quality polycarbonate material and dual-density EPS. The result is a lightweight, strong and yet protective helmet. Although the helmet offers customers a series of benefits, its relatively high price may be a problem for some prospective customers.

So this is my list of the best motorcycle helmets under $300 that are available in 2020. They can all be bought on Amazon and I’ve included the links so you can check out the current price and plenty of reviews from other customers. Happy shopping and riding!

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