10 Best Motorcycle Dash Cams of 2023: Tested Reviews!

Dash cams are a ton of fun and also quite useful. Whether you’re filming your motorcycling adventure or just want to keep video records for safety and legal purposes.

I’m aware that many Motorcycle Latest readers are eager to get their on-road and off-road videos going so I went on my own adventure of finding the best motorcycle dash cams available in 2023.

I’ve tested a few of these cameras myself. For others I’ve relied on my friends, coworkers, clients (from the motorcycle shop of course) and online users’ and reviewers. After taking all of this data and experience into consideration, these 10 cameras turned out to be the best of the bunch both price and quality-wise:

1. Vsysto Action Backup Camera for Sports Bike

Power supplied by your motorcycle’s engine directly and equipped with 7-full glass lenses, the new Vsysto Action camera also, features a built-in Wifi, G-sensor, App share, and an F1.8 large aperture that provides you with one of the greatest night-vision captures you can find on cameras. This model supports a maximum 128 GB micro SD card and its seamless loop recording ensure continuous capturing of your videos even when the memory card is full.


All components of this camera are either IP65 or IP67 rated waterproof designed and that’s the reason why people can actually use the card even when the day is rainy. However, the camera may sometimes absorb too much background noise, damaging a bit the quality of the captured videos.

2. Motorcycle Recording Camera System HaloCam M1

Designed for motorcycle use and with high-quality video recording properties, the HaloCam M1 is overall a great camera.

Two waterproof cameras are actually mounted on the motorcycle and connected to a central unit that’s specifically designed to start recording immediately after the ignition is switched on. The HaloCam Moto App enables users to connect their smartphone with the camera, via the camera’s Wifi. Therefore, no phone data will be spent.

Overall, the HaloCam M1 combines three major features: the 1080P video, road scenery shot and riding security record. A small issue with this camera, however, that new riders, in particular, will notice is the fact that the instructions it consists of are very basic and experimentation is required to sort out every setting.

3. Blueskysea DV688Motorcycle Dash Cam 1080P Dual

With a waterproof lens case, screen and camera, the whole unit of this device can be used efficiently at all weather conditions. The 6G professional lens it consists of has an integrated infrared filter that effectively reduces glare and sharpens the images the camera captures. Full road coverage is achieved thanks to the expanded 130 degrees field of view the camera offers.


With a 960*480 dots display, the camera is particularly good during night rides, as well and the colors of the captured picture will normally be quite bright. A small issue with this device is associated with its inability to properly handle vibrations, therefore it is not the best solution if you wish to ride on really difficult and abnormal roads.

4. Blueskysea DV128 Motorcycle Dash Cam 1080P Dual

DV128 Camera features a series of benefits that distinguish it from similar products on the market nowadays. To start with, both rear and front cameras are waterproof, allowing you to use them on harsh weather conditions.

The camera cable is specifically designed to suit various types of bikes, including Honda, BMW, Yamaha, and Suzuki. The camera has 130 degrees ultra-wide field of view, that reduces blind spots and captures every single detail of the environment.

The most impressive feature of this camera, however, is the fact that a quality G-sensor it consists of can automatically detect any sudden collision and protect your videos and photos from getting overwritten. However, the night vision of this camera is not all that effective and customers have complained that the lights of passing-by cars at nights can make the rest of the picture look almost black.

5. INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle Motocam

Simple, yet effective, reliable and compact, lightweight and durable are the most appropriate descriptions for this camera. Designed with Powersports in mind, and functionally optimized for motorcycle use, the INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motocam has a great HD video quality that performs great even under low light or nighttime conditions.


The Wifi link and Android app enable users to experiment with different settings and the camera’s smart power supply triggers parking mode automatically when you are away. Waterproof seals and secured cover plates could not be absent from this device, as well. As we can imagine, the superior features of this motocam make it a bit more expensive compared to other models on the market.

6. Motowolf M6 Motorcycle Recording Camera System

Enriched with two quality cameras, a front and rear one, and with a 155 degrees view field that covers multiple lanes, it is no wonder that the new Motowolf M6 model has gained a lot of popularity. Its wired controller and GPS antenna enable users to simply press a button and lock a video clip and photos. The recorder can be connected to the ignition to switch power supply, but a portable power bank supply is also, applicable.


The camera’s GPS feature, in particular, is a great addition because it enables you to track your whole riding route and display the duration and average speed and distance of each trip. However, you cannot import GPS log data into a video. Moreover, some customers complained about the lack of some type of handlebar mount for the screen.

7. AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera, IP67

With a 1080P resolution and a 120 degrees wide-angle and WDR image optimization, this model offers customers a combination of some other unique features, as well. An interior supercapacitor improves the stability of the camera in the extremely hot summer, as well as the cold winter days. The trustworthy G-sensor ensures that no video or images will get lost in case of a collision and the available loop recording will automatically help you cover the previous files and record your new experiences on the road.

No matter how bad or rainy the weather is, you can use this camera with safety thanks to its waterproof nature. A 32 GB memory card is included in the initial package, but if you need some more space, you should have in mind that unfortunately, the camera doesn’t support every type of cards, like a U3 Standard one.

8. Vsysto Dash cam/Sport Accident Proof Camera DVR

With the Vsysto dual cam system, you can record high-resolution videos and capture some great pictures of your ride from 2 different viewpoints. Its long connection cable enables users to safely connect the camera to their motorcycle, scooter or ATV and its interior supercapacitor deprives riders of having to worry about any type of charging problems.

A user-friendly interface and easy-t0-use operation are two other important benefits of this camera that make it ideal for first-time riders. The two different versions of loop recording, namely the loop-on and loop-off features, allow users to choose between overwriting or keeping the old files intact, depending on their preferences. A small issue with this camera, however, is the fact that no mirror imaging exists for the rear camera.

9. MEKNIC A7 Motorcycle Camera Dual Lens 1080P

The huge benefit of MEKNIC A7 Motorcycle Camera is the fact that it is designed to be compatible with every motorcycle bike. The camera is also, equipped with a CMOS sensor, and its two-channel recording system enables users to switch images if need be. The device comes with a GPS antenna and its advanced H.264 video compression technology adds to the whole special design and great efficacy of this camera.


The large LCD display screen and night vision mode, along with the emergency lock button and the motion detection feature add to the camera’s overall great performance. Although the exterior of this camera is waterproof, the monitor is not. Therefore, you need to be careful and hide it into your motorbike’s box in case you ride on a rainy day.

10. TEEPAO Motorcycle Dash Cam

Among the most affordable yet quite durable options on the market nowadays is this camera. Incorporated with a 140-degrees wide-angle focus and with a waterproof structure, the camera can be used safely under every weather condition, even those under those bad, rainy days.

TEEPAO offers some good quality video captured even when the lights outside are dim enough and its installation and setting-up are pretty easy, as well. However, the rear camera of this product is not that good and some customers have even complained that it cannot even be mounted easily.

Final Word: Best Motorcycle Dash Cam Reviews

All of the dash cams on this list are super popular. Which one you should get depends on multiple factors: price, video quality, angle width and distance, durability and reliability in poor weather conditions etc.

I’ve made sure to analyze both the positive and negative aspects of each of these cameras before putting them on the list. Hopefully this will narrow your choice and you’ll buy the best dash cam for your needs. Hope this helps!

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