10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets of 2023

There’s nothing better than riding your motorcycle and listening to some AC/DC. Or maybe you’re more of a Mozart fan? In either case, having a bluetooth headset that provides excellent sound quality will make conducting voice calls, listening to music, radio and GPS instructions a real pleasure.

Since there are a lot of confused reviews on motorcycle bluetooth headsets, I decided to test the ones that were most highly rated by hundreds of users in order to get to the truth – which one of these buggers is the best?? I was sadly disappointed by some highly rated models, while others provided clear sound quality and were easy to use. It’s these others I’ve selected for my top 10 list and I’m confident it will help you make a more educated purchase:

SENA 20S- 01 Motorcycle

The SENA 20S-01 is a state of the art Intercom that allows you to communicate with your motorcycle -riding buddies within a radius of 2 kilometers or 1.2 miles away. Powered by Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth Speakers, SENA delivers HD audio that is crisp, clear, and just right for all kinds of riding conditions.

Apart from its sleek design and sturdy build, this device has a multitasking ability where you can talk to your buddies over the intercom and listen to music at the same time. That’s right, no interruptions. It’s an overlay technology that smoothly transitions, but doesn’t interrupt audio sources that are working simultaneously.

Additionally, motion sensor technology allows you to pair other Bluetooth devices by simply shaking this item. It is easy to install and easy to set up, making it doubly user-friendly. It also has an advanced noise control system that prevents ambient noise from overlapping over the inbound or outbound audio.

Key Features:

  • iPhone and Android app for enhanced, easy and integrated operation with your peripherals.
  • Multi-tasking overlay technology that lets you do voice calls, GPS, FM radio, Mp3 music, all at the same time.
  • The “just shake and pair” feature


The SENA 20S voice command features give hands-free control which is incredibly useful especially for safety when on the road. Advanced Noise Control ensures clear audio from inbound and outbound sources. The controls might need some learning to operate but well worth it after.


The advertised maximum intercom range of 1.2 km is good only on flat terrain. Otherwise, when a co-rider makes a turn out of sight, intercom connection gets disconnected. It then reconnects when the rider comes back in line of sight.

Overall, at the price point of around $190.00, this item may count as one of the more advanced, full-featured motorcycle intercom in the market today. For anyone who is a fan of being first in gadget technology, interfaced with biking enjoyment, this intercom is for you.

FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Intercom

With Bluetooth technology already at the helm of everything wireless nowadays, this device is currently fitted with Bluetooth 3.0 which supports hands-free calls, up to 3 rider-to-rider intercom, MP3 music, and GPS. Its battery has 7 hours of intercom, 10 hours of phone talk time, and a total of 300 hours standby.

It covers a maximum range of 800 square meters for intercom and a max of 10 meters for cellphones. The FreedConn TCOM also features a single button control for Fm radio music, answering calls, sound volume, and the intercom. Included in the box are soft mic cord for full-face helmet and hard mic cord for half face helmet. Both are provided for easy installation and ease of use.

Key features:

  • LCD screen right on the receiver unit indicates pairing status.
  • An all-weather and all-terrain device.
  • Long battery life


This item is built in such a way that it can fully function and withstand rough conditions for other mobile sports like skiing, ATV, snowboarding, snowmobile and of course motorcycling. It is advertised not only as water-resistant but waterproof by the manufacturer. With a price point of around $110.00, it is value for money considering the high-end features it is fitted with.


Sound quality and volume can sometimes be unsatisfactory depending on the speed and the sound of the wind roaring in the helmet.

Overall, Freedconn TCOM can be a great utility device for intermediate and professional users. Reliable and robust, you can have fun with it without having to worry about breaking it.

SENA SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom

The SENA SMH5 is one of those items that makes you wonder how they pack in features at such a price. With Bluetooth version 3.0, this intercom pretty much covers advanced SENA features like one-to-one riding conversation with another rider of up to 400 meters away. Also available on this device is the simultaneous operation of GPS directions, hands-free calls, and listening to and sharing music while paired with a smartphone.

The easy jog dial allows you to work through all the functions while concentrating on keeping your balance and holding your handlebars steady out on the highway. The crystal clear sound of the Bluetooth speakers also automatically boosts up when the environment is noisy.

Conversely, this device’s Advanced Noise Control Technology cuts down ambient sound to ensure clear inbound and outbound audio. You can enjoy music while in full control of its playback features. Additionally, the SENA SMH5 with its Universal compatibility feature allows you to connect even with non-SENA brands.

Key Features:

  • Jog dial for safety and convenience.
  • Auto volume boosts by speakers in noisy environments
  • Can pair with non-SENA devices too.


Simple to use, just pair and mount the units then press the jog dial once to talk to one riding buddy. And if you want to add one, or maybe two just simply press twice or three times, and you are now multiconnected with your other 3 riding buddies. One more good feature is full-duplex communication capability. Using the SENA SMH5-UNIV feels just like talking face to face with your co-rider, no more radio-type transmission where messages are cut going in and out of your device.


In spite of it being at Bluetooth version 3.0 with all its multitasking capability, it is not yet on overlay technology. Your buddies or your music gets cut-off when a call from your phone comes in.

At a price point of around $105, it can be very useful for bikers and enthusiasts who may or may not require professional intercoms with so many features to learn. If you are looking for functionality and some technology, this is for you. Value-wise, it’s a bang for your buck.

Fodsports M1S pro Motorcycle Intercom

With Bluetooth 4.1, this intercom allows for hands-free operation between listening to music, phone calls, voice prompts and even GPS. It boasts of a superior battery life of 20 hours with a charging time of 3 hours. Enjoy crystal clear sound with 30mm speakers and a full-duplex intercom.

The CVC or Clear Voice Capture feature allows you to take calls even when your speeding down the highway and the wind howling inside your helmet. The person you are talking to on the other end would appreciate the clarity and volume that he or she is hearing on the line, and you won’t even be sounding like you were out riding.

The big button design lets you use the device with ease and accuracy, it really helps not having to fiddle and fuss over what button does what. It works well when operating while riding, and it also has Bluetooth open protocol where it can connect with other intercoms of different brands. The Fodsports M1s can fit in any type of helmet whether half face or full face.

Key Features:

  • Can support up to 8 persons at 2000m maximum distance between riders.
  • Big Button design for easy operation.
  • CVC Technology (Clear Voice Capture)


The sound quality of the speakers is surprisingly exceptional and the volume is great whether over the roar of the engine or speeding winds. The Daisy chain connection feature allows riders of up to 5 to simultaneously talk to each other. The noise-canceling feature also does well when talking to the mic on high winds.


You can sometimes hear the speaker echoing.

At a price point of about $80, it can be considered mid-range for high-end functions. An enthusiast who is on the level of “on any Sunday rider club” will definitely appreciate the simplicity and functionality of this device.

Freedconn TCOMVB Motorcycle Intercom

Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, this item may be categorized as a starter intercom kit. Anyone who is learning the joys of motorcycling must have one of these. Freedconn TCOMVB supports up to 3 simultaneous users with a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour. And with a 2625 meter communication range at 75mph, this item assures the rider of clear communication on riding trips.

It already has the audio multitasking feature where a call on the phone will not cut your music out. Instead, you can take a call simultaneously while listening to music or when taking GPS instruction. Additionally, there’s your auto-receive, auto-reject, and or last number redial features as well. With echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, this device produces a crystal clear sound at 120 km/h speed.

The manufacturer is confident enough to claim waterproof on this device, which then gives an indication of how intentionally robust this item was designed for. The headset is compatible with half or full-face helmets. It also features 1-button control during blind operation. The battery is surprisingly long-lasting with 300 hours standby time, 10 hours talk time, and a total of 7 hours for intercom use.

Key features:

  • One-button control for safety and convenience.
  • Audio multitasking feature.
  • Noise cancellation technology.


This device with its sturdy and durable housing can survive snow and rain. It may also be used for snowmobile rides, is cost-friendly, and has reasonable battery life. It is very convenient to operate while on the move.


There is not much bass on the speakers and battery doesn’t last as long when playing continuous music.

At a price point of around $50.00, this item makes for a good starter kit for anyone who would like to have something inexpensive but reliable.

SENA SMH 10-11 Motorcycle Intercom

This rig comes with almost all the high-end SENA features that we are accustomed to, but is by no means less exciting than the others. With a maximum of 4-person pairing, this device can go up to 900 meters in between riders.

Noise control technology assures you of crystal clear sound for both inbound and outbound audio. Its jog dial control system allows for easy and intuitive control while on the blind. Its Universal Microphone kit includes both wire mic and boom mic.

Enjoy Bluetooth convenience with easy wireless access to standard features like listening to music in stereo, taking GPS instructions, or having intercom conversations in full-duplex mode. You can also get 12 hours of talk time at an incredible standby time of 10 days on a single charge.

One special feature of the SENA SMH 10-11 is the A2DP or Advance Audio Distribution Profile. This audio innovation by Bluetooth recreates or transmits pure audio data with minimal to no sound loss. So you can experience lossless audio even in wireless mode.

This device comes with a 2-year warranty for any factory defect.

Key features:

  • Long Battery life.
  • A2DP technology for clear and lossless audio transfer on wireless mode.
  • Jog Dial feature for easy control.


This device features excellent advanced noise control technology, no one would guess you are on a motorcycle during a call. Speakers work well and can turn up loud whenever necessary. Built for all weather conditions, this item is reliable wet or dry.


Bluetooth audio connection for some reason sometimes gets cut off when on a call in an android phone. You would have to reset the Bluetooth connection by disconnecting and reconnecting to get audio back.

Overall, this is one of the better models of the SENA series mid to high-end range. Feature-wise it is at a decent price of around $140.00. It gets a value for money plus rating.

Top Max Motorcycle Intercom

Obviously, this device was made for the rough rider segment. It is sturdy and dura-built. It is made to withstand dust and mud. The Top Max intercom is waterproof, and you can say weatherproof as well. With its 3.0 Bluetooth feature, it can support up to 6 riders but work with only 2 at any one time.

Its unique no-frills design was built to be tough and unobtrusive. And with Top Max and its built-in advanced digital signal processor chip or DSP, this device can actually identify voice vs. ambient sound. It then automatically cancels out the latter, resulting in crisp crystal clear sound over the speakers.

You can literally dunk this item in water, and it would continue to work. With its 520 MAH battery, it boasts of 8 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time. It has a range of 800 to 1200m in between riders. This makes it more effective in mountainous terrain as opposed as well as flatlands. Great for motorcycling sports, mountain climbing and even snowmobiling.

Key features:

  • Versatile and rugged, it can withstand even snowy conditions.
  • With Built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for pinpoint noise cancellation and better audio experience
  • Package comes in a pair of devices and headsets


Impressive quality vs. price. Also, sound quality is very good. Perfect for all-weather-all-terrain trips. It can be classified as an intermediate-level kit. Enthusiasts and professional riders can enjoy its reliability and some fairly advanced features.


Can pair a total of 6 riders but can only 2 do at a time. Not easy to install and pair.

Overall, if you are a professional rider with some demanding routines you will enjoy using this product for its durability. At a price of around $85.00, it is value for money plus rating.

FreedConn FDCVB Motorcycle Intercom

An all weather-all terrain intercom device. This item can pass for professional standards in terms of performance. It features a maximum of 3 riders pairing with 2 riders intercom. It can work with motorcycling, snowmobile, skiing, and even snowboarding. This one goes with pros who are into high octane riding action.

The FreedConn FDCVB has a range of 500 meters at 75 mph, maintaining crystal clear sound. With Bluetooth 3.0 it enables the rider to auto-answer, or auto-reject calls hands free (considering the level this device is working with). It is versatile when installing with almost all types of helmet, including half and full-face, modular, flip-up and others.

This device is supported by A2DP technology for stereo audio streaming experience in wireless connection mode. It is also AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) capable where it can support wireless control of play, pause, next, previous, and stop. This device also features DSP noise cancellation and echo reducing technology. Listen and scroll through your MP3 player, GPS, and FM radio station while on Bluetooth mode.

Key Features:

  • A2DP technology for stereo sound.
  • Rugged and robust construction built for rough terrain.
  • Can be specified for professional users.


It is very easy to install with crystal clear voice calls. Works well even in the rain and snow. Considering the promise of its performance, you can consider it as great value for price.


Some battery life span issues.

At a price point of about $80.00, this item is already professional- grade at a slightly higher price compared to a starter kit. A must-have for a professional rider who wants a durable intercom with some, if not all the newer wireless features of high-end units.

Cardo Scala Rider Duo Motorcycle Intercom

Enter the DMC technology. In the past and even today, Bluetooth intercom technology has always been a brilliant solution for rider-to-rider communication.

However, even it has its limitations. In a regular Bluetooth intercom framework there is this thing called Daisy chain pairing that allows several headsets to be simultaneously interconnected. But depending on the total number of riders, there are what are called critical links or pairs that should not disconnect, otherwise, everyone else drops off. This means some certain pairs should not be too far away from each other, because if they lose connection the whole group will too.

Now in the real riding world, you are not always close by each other. So, there is always this concern of being disconnected which takes out some of the fun in being on tour with your friends. And if they do discon a domino effect occurs.

DMC or Direct Mesh Communication technology solves that problem by acting as a bridge in the Bluetooth network. It connects everyone to one another forming a mesh that doesn’t go away no matter what. So even if 1 or 2 riders get disconnected in a group of 6, all the others remain connected, until the other 2 comes back and automatically reconnects. That is if they do get disconnected at all.

Key Features:

  • Direct Mesh Communication Technology that keeps everyone connected to each other no matter what.
  • Features GPS, receiving or rejecting calls, stereo music, FM radio and all other peripherals of a high-end unit.
  • Maximum of 1 mile for bike to bike intercom.


It has a sturdy housing built for all-weather all-terrain conditions. It is also user-friendly on the button controls even when using thick gloves

It has very good battery life


The price is a real consideration on this device. Setting up and using voice commands need some work.

The price point may set you back at around $390 or even more. However, considering the fact that Cardo Scala Rider may just have solved the intercom loop connectivity issue, it could be the only intercom you’ll ever need. For anyone who can afford it, it’s a great buy.

Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 2 Duo

Designed to be convenient, this item was made extra slim at 16mm thickness. It looks and feels aerodynamic. And by the way, this is a rider to passenger intercom, not meant for other riders on a different bike. With voice activation technology or VOX, you can answer or reject calls hands-free.

This device packs a big sound in its 40mm high definition speakers. And don’t be fooled by the slim and sleek design, the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom is heavy-duty and waterproof. It also features 2 Bluetooth channels where you can talk to your passenger, receive a phone call, or listen to GPS instructions.

This device also allows you to share streaming music to your passenger, or both of you can listen to FM radio.

Key Features:

  • Slim and aerodynamic, it fits most helmets.
  • Perfect Rider to passenger intercom.
  • Automatic volume adjustment depending on the outside noise.


It has some small speakers but sounds good. Improved battery life.


Software issue, needs updating.

With the price point of around $175.00, this device sounds like a multi-bike intercom, but it’s not. So, if you have the money and you are particular about the finer aspects of intercom gadgetry go ahead, the value is in the reliability of this item and its simple but feature-rich functionality.

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