Top 10 Motorcycle Backpacks With Helmet Holders

One of the main problems with riding a motorcycle is the lack of storage space. When you have to carry a motorcycle helmet around for the rest of the day it can be more than a slight inconvenience.

For that reason, I’ve researched the most highly rated backpacks with motorcycle helmet holders, weighing their pros and cons through the process. I analyzed the quality of the fabric and the zippers, size and practicality of the various pockets, whether it can fit a motorcycle helmet or not and whether the quality justifies the price tag.

These 10 motorcycle backpacks came out on top. So I hope this list will serve you as a solid buying guide before making a purchase:

AXO 29101-05-000 Backpack

This black commuter backpack is made out of tough exterior nylon construction. It has sturdy and large-toothed plastic zippers that are tough enough to withstand thousands of zips for main pockets. It has padded shoulder straps for comfort and is wide enough to fit a broad-shouldered person, even with room to spare. The inner pocket is also large enough to fit your helmet, and your laptop too.

With its internal back padding, this bag protects you from any pointed things that might stick to your back. On its side are pockets made out of mesh that are enclosed. The straps and belts are also adjustable and are fitted with AXO Webbing and Printed logos.


This bag is made out of thick material which makes it a durable and straightforward design with very simple pockets for simple storage. It is not big on organization, but rather for maximum capacity and carrybility. It does the job without complications. Just toss and carry.


Very rough handling may break the zipper

Overall, in the $40-$50 price range, you might be looking for something that is simple and easy to carry, then this bag is for you. If you are a fan of compartments, not so much. Designwiset The AXO 2101 is minimalistic but very functional.

Motorcycle Seat Bag Tail Bag

This motorcycle trial bag is made out of PU (Polyurethane) leather and is resistant to light or medium rain (not designed for heavy downpour though). It has an attractive classic design that highlights its versatility. You can store anything ranging from your wallet, your camera, airtight lid beverages, etc. It has an expandable bottom that can accommodate your helmet, and it also looks good at the tail end of your motorcycle.

This bag can fit at the back of almost all types of motorcycles. Whether it be a traveling big bike or a dirt bike. You can alternatively shoulder the sling of this bag to your side and it transforms into a handbag or a shoulder bag. It measures at 16.9” L x 11.8” W x 6.7” H at its standard size. When expanded, it measures at 16.9” L x 11.8” W x 11.8” H.

How to install:
  1. Tie the back seat bag to your bike’s cushion.
  2. Use the 2 strips to tighten and fasten it in tandem with 4 buckles.

This item includes 1 rain cover, 2 buckle straps, and 1 shoulder strap.


It is an easy install at the back of the motorcycle. Works well as a backpack too.


Some additional D ring is necessary for a more stable fit at the back of the bike.

In the $30-$40 price range, this motorcycle back seat bag is the answer for every biker who wants a little more freedom of movement. That goes along with protecting your back as well. Otherwise, its a good back seat bag that can carry all of your things and afford you no back pain and even more upper-body mobility. It’s a case of buying 2 utilities for the price of one. You could say it is double the value for your money in terms of usefulness.

Badass Motogear Ultra-lightweight 37L One Compartment Packable Bags

This bag can transform from a full-size utility backpack to a small folded bag packed in a small carry-on tether pouch. With the bag unfolded you can use it to carry your helmet so you won’t have to leave it on your motorcycle. You won’t have to worry about your helmet being stolen.

It has a lightweight fabric that is easy to fold and is tough enough for outdoor use. It also sports a wide shoulder strap for comfort and usability. When folded, it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand which you can easily carry around even for airline travel. It is also multipurpose in which you can use it as an everyday travel bag, or even for shopping purposes.

You can take it with you when bicycling, or maybe going to the gym, and, it is UNISEX.


It’s a foldable bag that is actually a backpack with two actual padded shoulder straps that makes it very comfy. Other foldable bags or at least the generic ones, only have a closed-loop rope as a sling, which can be painful sometimes. When folded, you can tether the carry-on pouch to your belt so you don’t lose it.


No padding at the back when opened. Not advisable to carry any sharp object in.

In the $10-$20 price range, you’ll have the economy of space and effort, and, you’d also have the convenience of traveling light. If those things appeal to you as a rider, then this item could be for you.

Kemimoto Helmet Backpack 37L

Dimensions of this item are 18.5” L x 9.8” H x 9.8’W. The most prominent feature of this bag is that it has a large capacity which is divided into small compartments. It has the basic adjustable straps and other special features like an anti-scratch pad, extra inner pocket, a double zipper, an airflow back, and a trekking pole holder.

The Kemimoto helmet backpack has ample space for your helmet on the second main pocket. And, you can alternatively even put a basketball in it. For the ultimate waterproofing, this bag has “Shiny rain cover” which is totally waterproof. It is a perfect defense for an unexpected downpour.

Made out of polyester fabric, this bag resists wear and tear. And it is perfect for other purposes as well, such as hiking, riding, traveling, and general everyday use. This bag is also ergonomically well built in a way that harnesses are attached to the chest, thereby distributing the load away from the shoulders and lower neck. Finally, a USB charging port that is built into the bag makes all the difference with this bag compared to others. Having a charging port just right after your shoulder makes it really convenient and safe especially when you are out on the road.


It has plenty of expandable space without being cumbersome. It is very comfortable despite its size. It is compact but very big in features.


Some issues with stitching.

In the $50-$60 price range, this bag is an all-in-one super-utility item that probably has no competition in terms of well-thought-out innovations. There might be some real competitors out there, but this one is a real stand out for people who might actually know a thing or two about helmet bags.

CHCycle Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

This bag has dimensions of 18.5” Lx 14.7” Hx 5.9” W. At 365L volume capacity, it’s a pretty big one. It consists of one main pocket of 35L, and a secondary pocket at 1L, including a detachable helmet net. With its all-black color profile, it holds your helmet with no problem.

This backpack is waterproof and can protect your items well enough to keep them dry and in place.

For safety purposes, this bag has been fitted with reflector strips at the back. It also has multi-pockets for organized and easy storage. And the material is made out of 1680D+20D Oxford cloth, which virtually tear-resistant. It is soft and at the same time breathable. The whole thing weighs only 800 grams including the net for the helmet.


Lightweight, simple, and ergonomically designed, this bag can carry your helmet and all of that too.


The chest strap is thin and short, possibly might not some other broad-shouldered men.

In the $40-$50 price range, this bag is a very good example of simplicity and functionality. If you are looking for something mid-priced with an on-point utility design, this bag is for you.

MotoCentric Motorcycle Leather Waterproof Backpack

This bag is a dual-use backpack that has several functions. It has an internal pocket that can hold small items including a 14-inch laptop. And it also has built-in outside straps that can hold your helmet, a basketball, and other similar items of the same dimensions.

This bag is touted to be weather-proof says the manufacturer, and it certainly does look the part. With a sporty sleek black color and design, and a red moto central logo that stands out right in the middle of the back of the bag, it makes you feel as though you are as tough as the material that it is made out of. This item is made out of strong Oxford cloth with a nylon splashing water. It has a unique back breathable layer that keeps your back cool without hampering function.

It also looks comfortable as well and you can find a mesh that holds the helmet inside a zippered pocket at the bottom of the bag.


One of the most prominent feature of this bag is its cool sleek design. It would appeal more to the Motorsports category, meaning the people who like rough sport riding like motocross, trailing, etc. It has very chic, adventurous, and a kind of a daredevil feel to it. It definitely would look good on any kind of motorcycle.


Zipper issue. It is water-resistant but not waterproof.

In the $40-$50 price range, this bag is already worth its design alone. Not to mention it is simple and useful too. It offers value to the more adventurous type of rider. Someone who generally wants to feel hip and cool. In other words, you can buy it just because it might really look good on you.

Badass Moto Gear Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

At a glance, this bag may look a little smaller than your usual standard biker bags. It has adjustable straps and a reflector pipe strip for an aerodynamic fit. It also contains expandable mesh pockets along with zipper pouches that can hold items like sunglasses, water bottles, gloves, and wind goggles.

This bag can also function as a commuter bag via its padded laptop sleeve. It is designed to carry your notebook or your laptop safely and securely. It also has vented compartments for clothing items like pants and biker jackets. It is lightweight and durable, and perfect for camping, trekking, and hiking adventures. Attached to it is a secure webbed carrier which is capable of carrying a full-face helmet, or a basketball, and other items of similar weight and dimensions.

The durable net itself can withstand high wind speeds when riding. And lastly, this bag is water-resistant.


This bag is verified as sturdy and durable. Built for the great outdoors and of course motorcycle riding. It is comfortable and lightweight, it can also fit well into the category of commuter bag standards. It can hold your laptop and other sensitive electronic gear securely in place.


There are some stitching issues in connection with the straps. Might need reinforcing.

In the $20-$30 price range, it is a carry-all bag that you can use to carry your helmet too. That goes for school, a ride, and on any given day. It is inexpensive and it comes in with some extra value for your money.

Overall, if you are the outdoors type of person that needs a bag that can withstand the elements, this bag is for you. You can use this bag when riding your motorcycle, as well as hold your clothes in, and even be ready for an overnight trip. This can be your bag of choice, and oh, it looks good too.

Shoei Backpack 2.0

From an outside view, this bag has more to offer than meets the eye. With a sleek rounded ergonomic exterior, it shows style and simplicity. However, the inside is a different story. Upon opening the main pocket you’ll discover that inside is a neat lining of specified pockets. Added to that, it has a large secondary pocket that can safely fit a 17” laptop.

While the main pocket fits your clothes and many other larger items, this bag is padded with panels to protect your electronic equipment from impact. Looking in the main pocket again, the bag’s internal pockets can actually fit a cellphone, a charger, and some other small items such as a pen. Along with all this, it includes your laptop that is simultaneously and safely tucked inside.

The Shoei Backpack also features side pockets with a stretch netting that can store your favorite drink. On the outside is a 3- flap system that can hold your helmet securely while you walk. An adjustable waist strap and chest strap allow for a good fit that will help relieve your back of some of the weight of the bag. This is even as its full of your items in it. Reflective piping on the shoulder strap and back helps to keep you visible at night.

Additionally, a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder strap give you comfort, whether you may be on the bike or not.


This bag is a true riding backpack. It is large but not bulky. It is streamlined and has an aerodynamic design that creates less wind resistance for an easier ride. It also looks and wears great on and off your bike.


When worn, the handle at the back of the bag rubs against the back of the user’s neck. Which incidentally, might become a nuisance especially when riding.

Apart from its well thought out and pleasing design, you could also experience some sort of prestige added to it when you get to see the Shoei name (a popular maker of quality helmets) at the back of the bag. All in all, this bag offers you, the rider, the best of both worlds which is usability and comfort. It is versatile, and it looks really sleek and aerodynamic. And that would make a lot of difference in terms of wind resistance.

With this bag that is just under $100, it would suffice to say that you are also buying the brand’s reputation as part of the guarantee that this bag will perform as expected.

Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle

This bag has a big main compartment that contains interior mesh pockets to fit some small gear. And the middle compartment is large too, as it contains smaller gear interior pouches, including some of the other additional compartments for small items like sunglasses, and etc. The Seibertron is made of 900D waterproof cloth, but take note that the zippers are not waterproof.

Moreover, instead of plastic, the zipper is constructed of thicken alloy metal, which makes it resistant to breaking and malfunction. One standout to this bag is the Molle system that was incorporated into it. The Molle system or otherwise known as Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment is a system that uses modularity which makes easy access points for connecting or attaching gear. Its design is specifically for rough terrain and harsh conditions. It is also currently in use in the military.

This bag is designed to comfortably carry a 2L Hydration bladder, which is of the same brand but sold separately. This bag is big. With its dimensions measured at 19”(H)x 11”(W)x 11”(D), the waist belt too is at 45 inches max and the chest belt at 60inches maximum. This item can fit a full-face helmet at the back, as well as any other similar item of the same weight and size, like say for example a basketball, soccer ball, etc.


The modularity of the MOLLE design on this bag is its ultimate advantage. It can transform into any kind of utility backpack in any situation even in extreme sports like rock face climbing and other events that require it to be ready and useful given the harsh conditions. The fact that the military use this kind of technology, speaks on how versatile and cutting edge it is.


There are a lot of straps to attend to, and the rider must make sure they don’t tangle somewhere else, or even with each other. Not only is it a nuisance, but pretty much for safety reasons. Especially when you are riding your motorcycle. A hanging strap could be the difference between getting to your destination safely, or not

In the $50-$60 price range, you are getting value for your money with this military-grade technology built into the bag.

All in all, the Seibertron Molle bag is an all-in-one utility item that you can use even in very extreme conditions and otherwise. It is extremely useful during peacetime and it becomes lifesaving in times of conflict. It might be good for everyday use too. However, it might be a little too large for school trips.

EZ-GO Motorcycle Helmet Carrier Strap

Last but not least, enter the EZ Go strap. It is an over-the-shoulder wide padded strap for attaching to and carrying your helmet. It’s a cheap alternative to the otherwise pricey quality helmet bag holders that we have discussed in this review. It is the smart solution to keeping your helmet safe from theft by simply attaching the strap to your helmet and slinging it by your shoulder. You get to bring your helmet with you when you get off your bike.

It does the same thing when you are carrying an extra helmet while riding your motorcycle, It affords you freedom of movement like never before. It’s a straightforward design and an invention that fills your immediate need for security and convenience. Slung over your shoulder, it keeps your helmet at waist level without having to worry about hand movement.

The length of the strap can be adjusted from 50” to 60” depending on your height and preference. This item is made out of durable and breathable material and is comfortable enough for you to even forget that its there. You can store it easily when it is reduced to a 3.5” of rolled-up strap, and you can keep it conveniently in your bag too.

It comes in a collection of 5 colors and designs, in which you can choose what design you might like: blue, orange, grey, tricolor or white stars. By the way, it’s unisex.


Very convenient, no-frills no fuss. A very easy and inexpensive way to keep your helmet secured. It can fit any helmet too.


It’s not a bag, so you could probably just carry some things in your helmet instead, like your jacket for instance. Otherwise, there are no extra pockets.

All in all, the EZ-GO strap might be a simple solution to a problem, but by no means is it a simple invention. It is actually patented, and the strap is specifically engineered for balance and comfort. That goes with however which way you’d want to use it. In the $10-$20 price range, never has peace of mind been cheaper to buy.

Final Word: Best Motorcycle Backpacks With Helmet Holders

When looking for a backpack always consider what kind of items you’ll be carrying. If you need to store a laptop, a helmet and perhaps a few notebooks you’ll obviously need bigger compartments.

If you’re only carrying smaller items along with a motorcycle helmet, then a smaller bag with straps for the helmet could be a good option as well. And if you only need to carry a helmet, perhaps the carrier strap is all that you actually require.

It really depends on your carrying requirements. As far as quality is concerned I’m confident that every backpack on this list is of great value and can last you for years to come.

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