6 Best Harley Touring Seats For Tall Riders: Tested in 2023!

Do you love touring? I am a big-time touring fan. When it comes to long-distance riding, nothing beats the comfort and thrill offered by Harley bikes. They have a unique charm of their own. With unmatched class and elegance, the Harley bikes are famous all around the world for delivering great comfort as well as style –especially when you are in for the long haul.

I own the classic Harley Davidson Street Glide model. It’s customized to deliver a great riding experience as I love going out on longer rides for an unwinding experience. While touring on an HD is fun, it is equally important to note that the touring seats of your bike are comfortable enough to allow you to last the long-distance road & terrains.

However, while it’s usually  great feeling to be on the tall side, owning a bike and making it feel your’s involves immersing yourself in its frame entirely. There should be no oddity between your height and the bike’s proportions. If you are tall enough and looking forward to making the most of your riding experience, a top-grade Harley touring seat that fits just right can be immensely useful.

Why Get a Top Class Touring Seat for Your Harley?

As I am a bit of a bike fanatic myself (not to brag or anything). I love trying out new accessories to customize my bike from time to time. But what I’ve come to realize is that the overall comfort during riding comes largely from the seat. All other accessories are just a bonus, but the fundamentals (where your bum rests) is the essential component.

A great touring seat can help prevent a sore bum, back pain, as well as knee and hip flexor tension. And vice-versa a poor seat can cause or make these problems worse. This is the reason why opting for a separate Harley touring seat can be immensely beneficial for your overall riding experience.

Top Harley Touring Seats for Tall Riders

While there are several definitions of being tall, the concern here is “how tall is tall” when it comes to choosing the touring seat for your Harley.

The answer is of course based on your height and that of your fellow passenger if you have one. 6 feet and above is usually considered tall. I am 6’1 which is decent but not super-tall. Something close to this would make you feel congested and uncomfortable when the touring seat does not justify your height.

For your ease, I have summed up a few top names in the list of the best Harley touring seats (some I have tried myself and found very comfortable) for your impressive height. Here are some:

1. Le Pera Maverick Daddy Long Legs Seat

The most impressive feature of this high-end rider seat is that it is available with a comfortable backrest. Available under $500, this is one of the topmost choices when you are looking for a high-grade model for Harley seats. The seat is known to deliver access to some of the advanced features that make it a highly sought-after option by the riders.

The custom-looking rider’s seat is designed specifically for tall riders requiring more room during the respective rides. The seat is known to provide the biker with an additional 2 inches of space while offering great comfort to those sitting in the pillion seat as well. The driver’s seat is around 15 inches wide and comes along with the 13-14 inches of the back seat width.

One of the most attractive aspects of this touring seat is that it contours well to the curves of the body while providing maximum comfort during your ride. I personally like its backrest feature that is completely irreplaceable as well. The seat is made out of top-grade black vinyl that has been set on the 16-gauge steel base plate for maximum durability. There is extra cushioning in the seat as well to deliver maximum convenience while riding.

2. Mustang 79006 Super Touring

I like its one-piece nature as it becomes highly convenient to spread out on a single seat while going out on longer rides. For the driver’s seat, the dimension is around 19 inches of the total width. At the same time, the seat is also extended around 13/4 inches towards the rear end of the bike to allow maximum convenience as you ride the bike.

The rear end of the seat remains slightly lower than the respective stock seat. The entire setup of the seat has been designed, ensuring the best-ever fitting while delivering immensely comfortable seating capability to all the tall riders out there. I personally felt that there is some additional room in the seat to its rear end. Overall, the quality of the seat is great.

Another great feature of this rider’s seat is that it is highly compatible with a wide range of Harley models including Electra Glide, Street Glide Trike, Street Glide, Road King, Road Glide, and Tri-Glide. Featuring state-of-the-art stitching, the seat is known to feature top-grade exquisite detailing that makes way for a comfortable ride throughout.

3. Mustang 7607 Super Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat

The comfortable riding seat by Mustang features 17 inches of front width. The front end of the seat is known to push back the rider around 1.25 inches in comparison to the stock seat. At the same time, the seat is also quite lower than the stock seat. This allows the tall riders to place their feet on the ground comfortably. As such, this makes way for a comfortable ride throughout.

The famous Mustang 7607 Super Touring bike seats have been made out of premium-grade vinyl and foam materials. At the same time, you can obtain the read pads for the back seat separately. The best part of this impressive rider’s seat for your Harley is that it is available as a complete set featuring chrome hardware along with a complimentary small fender bib.

In this seat setup, the regular passenger seats can be easily extended forward for delivering additional support to the riders. This is especially useful when you are going out solo on your ride without any driver’s backrest. The rider’s seat is also known to offer the available choices of black pearl-centered studs, chrome studs, or plain studs to enhance the overall appearance of the bike.

4. Mustang Regal Duke Seat 75110

Manufactured by the leading Mustang Motorcycle Products Inc. –a world leader when it comes to designing bespoke motorcycle seats, this touring seat for your Harley is another great addition to this list. Mustang Regal Duke seat will make you proud because of its top-class quality and durability assurances. Another great reason to choose this seat is due to the overall comfort provided –especially when you are planning a long ride.

The Mustang riding seat has been engineered to deliver all-day comfort to both the driver as well as the passenger. The unique split foam construction of the seat is placed on the single steel base plate. As such, you can be assured of the overall durability of the seat. Moreover, for providing great comfort, the seat features additional padding.

For a classic look throughout, the entire seat is made out of premium-grade vinyl covering. The entire design of the riding seat has been customized to not allow the driver to slide forward during the ride. This is great for the tall riders out there. At the same time, there is the presence of a rust-proof base plate as well. The carpet on the base plate is known to provide protection to the paint.

5. Danny Gray 21-403 Solo Seat

The seat is known for its affordable pricing and great features to deliver a great, customized package. The seat is available for under $300 and can be used if you are looking for unparalleled touring –especially while traveling alone. Given its impressive architecture and design, the seat is well-suited for tall solo riders.

The seat has been primarily designed to deliver top-speed stability while controlling the seat & its movement along harsh weather conditions. The seat is known for providing access to a unique riding position to the Harley Davidson riders. The riding position with Danny Gray solo seat is slightly forward and down by around 2 inches. As such, this comfortable seat is known to provide a great riding position in comparison to the standard factory seats.

Designed with a wider seating base and relevant support for the solo riders, this touring seat has been designed for the long haul. The seat also ensures continuous airflow that helps in minimizing the overall heat build-up while keeping the heinie cool & dry. The seat also features a customized design with intricate stitching patterns to enhance the overall aesthetics of your classic bike.

6. Le Pera Silhouette Solo Seat

One of the most striking features of the exclusive Le Pera Silhouette seat is that it delivers impressive back support to the riders –especially the tall riders. The front end of the seat is around ¼ inches thicker than the standard solo seats for the riders. Moreover, the seat is also known to feature the unique rounded & contoured shape for additional comfort.

The seat is 12 inches wide at the driver’s area. The seat is known for its sleek, low-profile design that delivers maximum back support while retaining the maximum comfort of the riders –throughout the ride. The seat has been sculpted into a single-piece molded foam layer topped with the premium-grade vinyl cover. The presence of power-coated back steel plates sport carpeting for protecting the paint.

Another great benefit of this impressive touring seat is that it is highly compatible with multiple HD variants. Some of the famous compatible models are Street Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Road King Classic, Electra Glide, and Tri Glide.

What to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle Seat?

Finding the right motorcycle seat is easy. However, finding the right seat as per your height can be a challenging task. If you ever happen to sit on your favorite Harley and it does not feel right, the chances are that your motorcycle seat needs a replacement.

If you are on a motorcycle seat shopping spree, here are some of the top things to consider:

  • Height: Make sure that when you sit on the bike, the height is comfortable enough to not make you slouch over the bike’s frame. If you happen on the side with a good average height, you might as well consider choosing the touring seats from our suggestion.
  • Padding: To ensure that you have a comfortable ride –especially while going out on long tours, you should check into the padding feature. The padding should be sufficient to neither make you slouch upon the seat nor to make it feel like hard rock on your back. The padding feature is a crucial factor that can help in determining the overall convenience of going out on longer hauls.
  • Positioning: While riding your HD, the positioning as a driver is a determining factor for the thrill of your ride. Whether you sit forward or slightly backward, the seat should be positioned comfortably. The positioning of the touring seat on your bike should not shuffle from one location to another. Moreover, it should take into consideration the placement of your thighs, feet, arms, and shoulders with respect to the structure of the bike.


The touring motorcycles like the Harley Davidson series are the comfy, lazy lads in the category of the modern motorcycle world. As these bikes are designed for traveling for extended periods, they might be on the heavier end as well.

If you have a tall frame and wish to enjoy a comfortable ride on your beloved touring bike, ensuring that the touring seats of the bike are comfortable enough is a vital concern. So I hope these suggestions help you make the right purchase and prevent a sore bum and back pain in the future.

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