20 Essential Tools For Motorcycle Maintenance!

Basic motorcycle maintenance can be performed very well even by a beginner. Besides, there are many excellent tutorials both in written and video format available online for free.

So the main requirements are a bit of confidence, a workshop manual guide and a couple of essential tools. A workshop manual typically comes with the bike. But in case you are buying a second-hand bike, then there might be no workshop manual available. If that’s the case you should find a version online.

Since most bikes function in the same way in principle, most of the tools recommended in this article can be used regardless of which specific motorcycle you’re working on. So without further ado, these are the tools that you should have in your tool kit:

1. Pressure Gauge

It is important to make sure that the tires have the right pressure before going out. Under-inflated tires make way for poor braking and handling. As under-inflated tires lack proper pressure inside, the adjoining walls are not firm enough to absorb the overall impact of friction between the road and the tire. At the same time, over-inflated tires can lead to reducing the area wherein the tires tend to establish contact with the underlying road –loosening the overall grip quality.

With the help of a proper pressure gauge, you can easily determine whether the tires require more or less air for ensuring a safe riding experience. At the same time, it can also help in prolonging the overall life of your tires.

Our Top Suggestions:

Jaco Elite Pro Pressure Gauge

Astro AI Digital Pressure Gauge

2. Torque Wrench

Motorcycles contain hundreds of nuts & bolts. When performing routine maintenance you will inevitably have to take some of them off and fasten them back on.

Torque wrench is capable of doing the job of fastening as well as unfastening the front axle, real axle nuts, brake caliper bolts, pinch bolts, clutch cover bolts, engine cover bolts, head cover bolts, and cylinder head bolts. You should aim at checking the manual for obtaining the right values such that the fitting is neither too loose nor too tight.

Make the selection of a top-quality torque wrench that helps in clicking as soon as the desired torque is reached for ensuring the overall accuracy. In usual cases, you will require two torque wrenches –one with a smaller range of 5nm to 60 nm and one for a bigger range of 20 nm to 220 nm.

Our Top Suggestions:

Amazon Basics Drive Click Torque Wrench

Tacklife Drive Click Torque Wrench

3. Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are known to be useful for carrying out a myriad of activities.  You should look out for a top-quality screwdriver featuring strong metal as well as hardened tips. The cheap variants out there are known to make use of cheaper metals that might not deliver a strong grip on the screws.

You should look into the handle part of the screwdriver as well. The handles that are available with the rubber material deliver improved grip – especially when your hands might be dry or wet. It, therefore, helps in increasing the overall leverage at the same time.

Moreover, you can also consider searching for a screwdriver with a hex holster at the shaft’s base. Therefore, if you do come across some screw that is hard to turn, then you can attach the given crescent wrench on the linked bolster for ensuring additional leverage.

Our Top Suggestions:

MooMax Multi-socket Screwdriver

Pro Bike 6-in-1 Screwdriver

4. Socket Wrenches

The primary objective of the socket wrenches is to fasten as well as unfasten the sockets. As the overall size of the sockets in a motorbike might vary from one model to another, you should look out for a set that helps in matching the given sizes.

You can usually come across socket wrenches with the range between 10mm & 17mm. In some cases, it might turn out to be a disaster if you end up buying wrenches of several sizes that do not match your bike’s specifications. Therefore, you should aim at searching the socket wrench set on an individual level at a cheaper price.

Our Top Suggestions:

MooMax Multi-socket Wrench

RuiLing Y-Shape Socket Wrench

5. Bike Stand

With the help of a motorcycle stand, you can look forward to easily changing the chain as well as sprockets of the bike. You can even consider changing the tires if the need arises. Things to look for when buying a stand include: strong steel components, proper width (for balance and safety), and compatibility with various models of bikes and perhaps other vehicles. When buying a stand, also make sure that it can support the weight of your bike.

Our Top Suggestions:

VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Stand (1500 lbs)

VIVOHOME Steel Motorcycle Stand (1100 lbs)

6. Motor Oil

There is no need of paying for the expensive servicing of your bike at the motorcycle workshop just for changing the oil. Even as a beginner with your new bike, you can easily change the oil of your bike in an effective manner. You can completely rely on the manual provided by your bike manufacturer for completing the task.

Firstly, you are required to locate the exact position of the oil tank. Then, you should remove the cap. It is important to note that you should place a tray underneath the bike before you go ahead with unplugging the sump plug. Then, all you are required to do is to keep waiting until the entire oil from the bike gets drained. Once the tank becomes empty, remove the filter. You can then consider replacing the sump plug as well as the filter.

Now, advance with refilling the engine with new oil. You should also start the engine after this to ensure that there is no leak. Make sure that the overall oil level is proper. If necessary, you should consider adding more oil.

Our Top Suggestions:

Liqui Moly 20076 Motorbike Oil

Liqui Moly 20064 Motorbike Oil

7. Oil Catch Pan

Changing the oil for your motorcycle is quite an easy task –even for the beginners. The problem that usually comes up is not about the changing part of the oil, but it is more about disposing the used oil.

As oil turns out to be a dangerous component for the environment when you would dispose of the same mindlessly, you should aim at taking the motorcycle to some repairing center or workshop. For making the overall task of oil transportation seamless, you would like to invest in a top-quality oil catch pan for your vehicle.

Our Top Suggestion:

LubriMatic Professional Grade Oil Tray

Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan

8. Chain Breaker & Riveter

Many bike owners are known to change their bike’s chain at home. This is also not all too difficult. But to accomplish this task, you will need a chain breaker & riveter.

Our Top Suggestions:

ABN Chain Breaker Unit

DIKOO Roller Chain Breaker

9. Grease

You already know that your motorbike is a combination of many parts working in unison. Lubrication is necessary to avoid friction between many of these parts.

You can check out the bike’s manual for observing the dedicated greasing spots. Usually, these are known to include locks, levers, foot rests, stand hinges, and hinges. You can even grease up the bolts & nuts by applying a thin layer of grease in order to increase their overall longevity.

Our Top Suggestions:

Valvoline General Purpose Grease

10. Pliers

When you possess a screwdriver and a wrench, then it becomes mandatory to possess different kinds of pliers at the same time. You might be sometimes required to pull & pinch items in awkward angles. This is when reliable pliers will come in handy.

Our Top Suggestion:

Internal Cylinder Snap Ring Plier

Hozan Chain Pliers

11. Ratchet & Socket Set

For all types of mechanic jobs ratchets and sockets are necessary tools –especially when it comes to bike maintenance. You can look forward to buying a cheap set with a single handle along with a dozen of sockets. On the other hand, you can also go for using a huge mechanics set with multiple sockets of every possible size & shape.

It is important to note that most basic sets are going to possess sets of all shapes & sizes –roughly between 4mm & 20mm. However, you might even come across unusually large-sized sockets for carrying out activities like removing the rear wheel and others. Determine the specific sockets that you require for the big fasteners while buying the same individually.

Our Top Suggestion:

EPAUTO 45 Pieces Ratchet and Socket Set

12. Nitrile Gloves

You might have observed mechanics wearing specialized gloves when they are working on motorcycles. These gloves help protect the hands and keep them clean from all the lube, dirt and oil that can get in the way. To top it all, you might even get these under your fingernails. It can be very difficult to remove. These substances are mostly made up of harsh chemicals that turn out to be immensely harmful for your skin in the long run.

Therefore, investing in a top-quality pair of nitrile gloves turns out to be an important consideration. These gloves tend to be quite thick and will not get torn off easily. Also, don’t worry about space, because they can be easily stored even in the storage compartment of your motorcycle.

Our Top Suggestion:

Kleen Handler Nitrile Gloves

PIP Maxi Flex Ultimate Nitrile Gloves

13. Hammer

Consider keeping a hammer at hand while taking care of your bike. A small hammer or a rubber mallet can prove to be very useful if you ever need to slam some items into their right position.

Our Top Suggestion:

Hi Spec 33 Pieces Beginner Tool Set

14. Impact Driver

An impact driver serves to remove stubborn screws that might have locked themselves a bit too securely. When the grease tends to fail, it is time to make use of some “tough love.” You would not like to shear the fastener. An impact driver provides a gently approach to loosen it.

To avoid damaging the fasteners it’s also important that you are utilizing impact bits (that come along with the driver) when using the impact drivers.

Our Top Suggestion:

Hi-spec Manual Hand Impact Driver

Hi-spec 18V Pro Combo Motor Impact Driver

15. Multimeter

Right from testing the voltage of your bike’s battery to troubleshooting electric shorts, an advanced set of multimeter serves to be an essential part of your personal mechanic arsenal. You are not required to make use of some fancy multimeter. You would just require the basics –continuity. DC Voltage, and resistance.

Our Top Suggestion:

Neoteck Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

16. Brake Bleeder

Getting stray bubbles out of the hydraulic system of the bike can be problematic. With a brake bleeder you can easily flush your entire disc or drum brake system, ensuring optimum performance.

Our Top Suggestion:

ARES Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder

Copap Hand-held Vacuum Pressure Pump

17. Cable Lubers

You are simply required to screw the given tool on the top part of the cable while inserting the tube from the cable tube at your end and giving the same a spritz. Once the bubbling of lubes takes place at the cable’s far end, you can be confident with the fact that your cables are going to last for a long time.

Our Top Suggestion:

Motion Pro Cable Luber

Cycle with Style Cable Luber

18. Axle Tool

For several years, modern sport bikes’ owners were required to buy some odd-shaped allen key for allowing them to remove the front wheel of the bike. However, soon enough, the advanced axle tool was invented. The given tool has the 4 most common key sizes that are utilized in front axles so it’s the most convenient choice for regular motorcycle owners.

Our Top Suggestion:

Atlin Hex Axle Tool

Motion Pro Chrome Axle Tool

19. Factory Service Manual

Nobody is going to know and understand a bike better than the engineers who made it. Therefore, it is a great choice to buy the factory service manual for the bike you’re working on. Reading the manual, you can learn about effective ways of disassembling and reassembling the bike like a pro.

At the same time, any special tools that you would require for the bike will also be listed in the given manual. A dedicated factory service manual is known for outlining all the service intervals as well.


SUZUKI T20 &T200 Factory Manual

HD Dyna Series Factory Manual

20. Spare Fuses

You should aim at getting some spare fuses for the bike and keep them at hand. This will prove to be useful if the fuse of the bike lets you down suddenly. It’s a minor inconvenience that you can fix. But if you don’t have a spare fuse, you will need to seek out professional help and pay extra.

Our Top Suggestion:

Nilight 120 Pieces Fuse Assortment

Everything Automobile Assorted Fuses


This is our list of some of the basic tools that you would require for the motorbike –especially when you are maintaining the same. Using these tools, you can look forward to achieving maximum performance from your motorcycle and saving money on maintenance in the long run.

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